Fossil dog: New species roamed eastern North America 12 million yea...

Posted: 11 May 2016 09:25 AM PDT

A doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania has identified a new species of fossil dog. The specimen, found in Maryland, would have roamed the coast of eastern North America approximately 12 million years ago, at a time when massive sharks like megalodon swam in the oceans.

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Great article, Jade! Somehow you pick the science news that's closest to my heart. Do you have any kind of professional background in anthropology, evolution, or similar?

So thanks to you, I read up a little more on dog evolution, which is significant (to me) because 1) they evolved with us, and we bred them, and 2) their genetics help us to understand both wild and domesticated genetics. These factors together can enlighten us on human and millions of non-human species evolution.

In case anyone is interested, here's a link to the original research article. (But most people should prefer Jade's link, as it's in plain english and at the bottom of the article there are additional, interesting story links.) 

Most of the pets I don't like--take after their owners who are also assholes.  I wonder if correlation is due to causation in this particular case.

I think that recent evolution is fascinating.  I just found out that whales and dolphins are related to hippos, cows, pigs, sheep, deer and camels. 

If I recall correctiy--in fact they are more closely related to hippos than the hippos are to anything else.  It's like the whole family started moving into the water...but the hippos held back partway to becoming completely aquatic.

I'm not sure if it's a dog any more than a saber-toothed cat is a cat. 

It looks to be a precursor anyway and there's no guarantee it actually looked anything like the drawing in the article. Maybe the artist heard the word "dog" and went with it. When you have fossils all you have is bones, so things like ears can only be guesswork.

Here is recently discovered evidence on the domestication of dogs. I live less than one hour from this ancient site.

Yes, I have been there. The building is over 5,000 years old. The inside has never seen a drop of rainfall it is so well constructed. A raffle is held to pick a select number of people to enter it each year to experience the winter solstice (as per my picture linked above).

I went on guided tour and at the end they turn down the interior lighting and project an “artificial sunlight” effect down the corridor to replicate the experience.

I suppose all lighting is artificial sunlight?

I'll post here what I posted there:

Reminded me of this (which I have seen).

At Mycenae, an example of "cyclopean" construction by the Mycenean (Bronze Age) Greeks (the blocks were so large the later Iron Age Greeks decided that Cyclops had to have done the construction work).  It was most likely the largest dome in the world for 1800 years (and unknown for most of that time).

Yours is older and no less remarkable in its own way.

(Edited to add) the record was taken by the Pantheon in Rome, a ONE PIECE dome made of Roman concrete, about 1900 years ago, and still in excellent shape today (it got converted into a church early on in the post Roman era).

Cyclops, no.


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