Here are four websites that will give you food for thought and eye candy.

Remember Max Planck's words: Science advances one funeral at a time.

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Nice, comprehensive list of links.

I'll probably have to do a lot more reading before I can determine whether the following clip (from holoscience) should be updated or made to sound less mocking, because they haven't updated the article it's from since the Higgs Boson discovery:

The notion that subatomic particles exhibit mass as a result of their interaction with imaginary Higgs particles occupying all of empty space like some form of treacle should have caused a sceptical uproar, if it weren’t for the appalling apathy of the public toward such nonsense.

It was clearly a pretty major scientific prediction, after all.

Yup, the lack of ability to understand the science did NOT make the science nonsense, it made the lack of understanding simply more glaring.

Remember, the Higgs and its potential parts, etc, are part of the Standard Model, which, as the periodic table did before it...has blanks where the predictions indicate something should be if it all were to make sense.

Its not just a random guess, its a pattern that has missing sections....sections that SHOULD exist, but, are not known, yet.

We have pretty much filled in all the missing blanks in the periodic table, and are working on extending the table as experimentation provides yet more data.

The same process is underway on the Standard Model. So far, its able to ALSO predict what we might find in various blank spaces...and, that is why the Higgs was assumed to be there.

It was, and now OTHER blanks are being worked on, and so forth.

It a fascinating process.


A difference between science and religion, is that science makes a prediction based upon evidence, and, the religious exclaim how insane and imaginary, or even arrogant, the prediction is...because the prediction adds credence to scientific understanding of the universe, which, based upon the god of the gaps problem, means that much less to say "goddidit"...

....and if the prediction is found to be accurate and confirmed, the religious ignore that evidence, and focus on ANOTHER thing they don't understand and retreat to THAT gap as "goddidit".

....whereas in science, the new information is added to the totals, and even more predictions are then made.

A similarity is when a prediction is shown to be false, where BOTH the scientists and religious rejoice.

The religious rejoice because an incorrect prediction allows the gap to keep the " goddidit", and the scientists rejoice because it means they have discovered a heretofore unknown clue as to how the universe might work.

If an experiment at a particular voltage, designed to find a particle at that voltage, doesn't find it...that means that the model used to predict it needs work and/or replacement...because that's what the experiments are FOR.

If a planet or star, etc, IS NOT where it would be if a model was correct, its data is then used to find out what would mean the star is in the CORRECT place, and so forth.

Religion demands absolute answers that cannot change.

Science demands exploration of possibilities, and changes on the fly to do so.

One is a dogma, and one is a process.

One flies us to pluto, the other into buildings.


But, TJ, the standard model has so many gaps--filled with unfalsifiables such as inflation, dark matter, dark energy, neutron stars, black holes--and they are so dogmatically defended.

Do think about what you believe.


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