I like paperless for almost all things, but for some reason, I still prefer real books. However, I think I'm coming close to breaking down and buying a Kindle. Does any have any strong opinions on the topic?

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I had a guy root my Nook today, converting it to a vanilla Android (v. 2.3) device today. Love it. And I can still read my Nook books because there's an Android app. Bonus: there's a Kindle app as well, so I can read both formats on the same device and I can surf the web, answer email, etc., with most of the same software I have installed on my PC. Nice. Nook, $250, rooting, $35. I have an Android tablet with a 7" screen that cost me less than $300. Now, I could have rooted it myself (everything you need to know is googleable and free), but I felt safer letting someone who's done it many times before do it for me. He also did it in a fashion that I can convert it back to a stock Nook anytime I like. But I don't think I'm going to want to do that unless it's time to sell it, but I think it has more resale value as a rooted Nook anyway.

Well it looks like the game has changed. No sooner did my Kindle arrive than Amazon announced the launch of the Fire (Color e-reader tablet) and lowered the price of the e-ink kindle I bought by $40.


My thought is to send it back and just get the Fire for $60/more than I paid as it looks like it does web-browsing and all sorts of cool stuff.


The Kindle itself is nice, but the main thing that I don't love is that, just like a regular book, you have to supply the light. A backlit screen (for when the wife is already asleep) would be handy.


Anyone else have thoughts on the Fire?

The Kindle Fire is very similar to the Nook Color, especially if you root it the Nook Color, as I did. However, rumors are circulating that B&N will have a Nook Color 2 (NC2) out for Christmas which will leapfrog the Kindle Fire with features the Fire doesn't have.


What could those features be? Possibly 3G (the Fire is wi-fi only). Possibly a built-in camera (no camera in the Fire). Possibly greater access to the Android Marketplace. You see, the Fire doesn't give you access to the many Android apps. The Amazon app store is the only app store. The stock Nook Color allows you to add a lot of Android apps, but not all of them. For one thing, you're stuck with B&N's bookstore. You can't add the Kindle app. If the NC2 has 3G and/or a camera or an enhanced display (color e-Ink on the backside?), it could throw a big bucket of ice water on the Fire.


And if the NC2 is rootable, wow!


It could be a mistake to be an early adopter. But on the plus side, $200-$250 isn't a lot of money compared to an iPad's $600.


The Fire seems to be a cross between a reader and a tablet, leaning towards the latter. I'm assuming the backlit screen could actually be considered a downside if you're looking for *just an e-reader*, the original kindle is not backlit for a reason. The other main difference for e-reading purposes is that the regular kindle has drastically better battery life.

I got a kindle a month or two ago, and I love it. It's thinner (more portable), and lighter to hold, you can't lose your page, and IMO it's easier on the eyes than paper. Battery life is fantastic - a month or so on a charge. Downloading is faster and cheaper than shipping or driving to the store. The only thing I really miss is being able to stare at a bookshelf, and then the pretty cover before I start - when considering the other things that isn't really that big of a deal though.

Kindle's are great.




For religious / atheistic / philosophical books, there is something special about having them in paperback AND your bookshelf looks geekily impressive.


BUT, I have a Sony eReader and I love the fact that I can copy and paste from the books I am reading to quote them in essay, in my own books, or in arguments online.


That said, my book is available in both formats! You know you want to!!!

The Little Book of Unholy Questions

Mike -

I read lots of the replies and from what I saw, nobody said that you can read Kindle books on your computer!

It's true.  You can download the Kindle PC Reader application for free from Amazon to your PC or Apple and then run the program to read Kindle books.  Granted, unless you already have a tablet PC, then it is NOT portable like a book, or the Kindles are, but then again, you don't have to worry about it getting misplaced, stolen, or the battery running out like you do with the e-readers.  

One other advantage I see is that you have a nearly unlimited disk on your computer, and your computer is undoubtedly color!   Remember that there are Many Kindle books that are FREE since their copyright has run out.   You can accumulate a nice library of books on your computer, that are relatively easy to manage.

Of course, you can run the program on your PC and have your Kindle too!  I guess that's having the best of both worlds.   I still love my books and make notes in them that will be viewed by generations to come.

Al W.


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