My sisters son's 1st grade public school teacher is teaching about all the great things god can do ... in the classroom. What should I do?

My sisters son's 1st grade public school teacher is teaching about all the great things god can do ... in the classroom. What should I do? i take care of the kid for the most part. It is a public school. Your guys experiences?

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I've experienced this in the past (I'm not in the U.S., which probably makes a big difference) and did take the teacher aside for a quiet word, explaining that we were not Xtian and really didn't want our children taught religion in the classroom.

It's a tricky situation, isn't it - you don't want the teacher to take out her potentially hurt feelings on your child! The whole religion in public school thing is one of the reasons we now homeschool.
I had a similar Issue with my daughter's teacher a couple years back.

I sat in on a class and heard the teacher get a bit Sunday schoolish. I personally let it go. My stance is to let my kids form their own views on religion/ lack there of.

My daughter doesn't go to church or has expressed interest in it.

If it bothers you ask the teacher nicely not to push her beliefs on your child. If it escalates contact the Principal.
First two hurdles... Does the school recognize you as one of his guardians? How does your sister feel about it?

Even if you are doing most of the raising, if the school doesn't recognize you as one of his guardians they may not be receptive of your input. If this is the case, bringing it to the school board in general terms may be more effective.

If your sister's views aren't similar to yours, that makes for a big can-of-worms.
I actually had a similar situation when 1 of my daughters was in 4th grade. We are in El Paso, Texas which is predominately Roman Catholic. My daughter came homw crying because her teacher asked the kids to raise their hands to show who was Catholic. Then she wanted to know what the other kids where. My daughter was the only 1 that didn't raise her hand. Her teacher singled her out and asked what her religion was, which Kaiti replied "I choose to be Atheist". Her teacher further singled her out by asking her if she celebrated xmas and told her that she really is xtian then. (We celebrate a very different version of xmas). I went to the school and spoke with the teacher the next morning, at 1st she tried to deny it...then recanted. I made it clear to her that if she needed a guest speaker to come to class and explain a few things that she must know nothing about I would arrange that, but singling out a 4th grader in class...or any other child not having her beliefs would not be tolerated or accepted. About 2 weeks later there was a similar discussion; and I went directly to the principal and had her teacher called in for a conference. My husband and I made it rather clear that we are not shy about talking about our beliefs if they are not sure what 'Atheist' entails, but making any child uncomfortable or on the spot is cruel!! I showed them the personel cell number for the superintendent, and a member of the school board, along with the local news station and told them twice was enough that if we had to come up there for another instance of this nature I would be a thorn in their side for both of their jobs. 1 1/2 yrs later and they have been nothing but nice to my daughter (not special treatment, that's not what we wanted, just treated as fairly as the other students), and to my husband and I when we visit the school.
Regardless as to whether or not you are the guardian of the child, the school should be receptive to input such as this. The first thing they teach you in teaching programs is that you NEVER push your views on a child, religion does NOT belong in a classroom setting. If asked your beliefs it is appropriate to tell, but no teacher should ever go beyond that under any circumstance. The position of power a teacher is given is simply too easily abused, and it is not a teacher's place to ever venture into such matters. In my own opinion it is questionable just how much parents themselves should use this power as well.
I am having an issue with my son's daycare at the moment. My 4 year old comes home talking about god. I think she is also having them pray at lunch time. I am not even sure how to bring this up myself. Its very frustrating to have this woman that knows nothing about us, pushing her religion upon my son. We are letting him grow up with a choice but this daycare woman isnt. I am looking forward to see the responses to your situation so that I may gain the knowledge for my own. I know how you feel though!


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