Before and After: Breastfeeding and Your Boobs

by Jennifer Lance
February 24, 2010

I loved the size of my breastfeeding chest. I am tall and thin, so the extra volume was perfect, but of course, it went away. Actually, I didn’t know what would happen to my boobs when I started my long-term commitment to breastfeeding, nor did I really care. Apparently, I am not alone. Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson announced she’d consider breast reduction surgery after breastfeeding because “They’re a little too big now.” Someone better tell Kendra her current lactating breast size isn’t permanent.

I’ve never heard of Kendra Wilkinson before I came across this bit of celebrity gossip, but it made me laugh. Kendra had breast augmentation to make herself a 34D at the age of 18. Fortunately, she was able to breastfeed with these implants, but I find it ironic she now thinks her boobs are too big. Earth to Kendra…once you stop breastfeeding, your boobs shrivel up.

WebMD explains:

Postpartum breast involution is the term that describes the shrinking of milk-producing structures of the breast to their pre-pregnancy size when they are no longer needed. But when you are nursing, the flow of milk can stretch the breast skin and tissue to some degree. That leaves some women with an “empty” or “stretched out” look to their breasts. It’s a common breast problem after breastfeeding, but it’s a cosmetic concern, not a real medical problem.

Not to scare anyone away from breastfeeding their infants and toddlers, but once they’ve done their duty, your boobs lose that fullness of milk storage. It’s not a bad thing; it’s just the way it is. Breastfeeding is like a temporary boob job, if your vanity is tied to your chest. Your boobs have a higher calling to nourish your babe, and maybe that is what Kendra is realizing. Kendra, just wait. Your boobs will deflate without surgery.

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I don't agree. I was a 32 AA cup prior to pregnancies and breastfeed. Now I'm a 36 B cup. I'd happily go back to my prior size IN ALL AREAS!

I've often wondered if implanted girls could or should breast feed. I'm against implants unless it's for reconstruction. I personally find clearly fake boobs disgusting. It's too bad so many teens feel they "need" them. This is mostly due to media IMO.
As a man and a fan of boobs I agree. Quality > Quantity.
I DO agree. Most every woman I have ever met who has breastfed her child for an extended amount of time has said that their breasts did not maintain their fullness once they stopped breastfeeding. Most all also said that the 'wear and tear' on their beasts have had a definite effect as well. (lost that perky appearance = they sag more.) Even smaller breasted women.

If one had gained a significant amount of weight during pregnancy, and did not lose the extra pounds after, no doubt the additional fat deposits in the breast could account for their breasts maintaining more fullness after one stops breastfeeding....
I guess I better enjoy the wife's "fullness" now while I can.
Lol! I hadn't thought of that! Us men sometimes forget that those aren't there merely for our pleasure.
My mom wasn't allowed to breastfed me and her boobs were never the same again. It's really sad. I think we both would have had improved health and body had she breast fed me.

I also think breast feeding in general helps one get back into shape.

I won't say there is no gravity effect going on for me at 49 but it isn't much and my boobs are still full looking after breastfeeding two kids.

This leads me to wonder, are people blaming less than perfect perky tits on breast feeding, when really there are other reasons such as weight loss/gain, age, lack of exercise and so on?
Exercise won't do anything much for sagging breasts... (there is no muscle tissue in the breast themselves to exercise) Just be glad that you are one of the exceptions, for whatever reason. I have slim friends who regained their slim figure after giving birth, but breast feeding took it's toll on the fullness of their breasts. It just stands to reason.

The same goes for women who gain a significant amount of weight. Their breasts also gain in size from fat deposits. Once they eventually lose their excess weight, their breasts become smaller, but the stretched skin remains. Nothing you can do to tighten this sagging breast skin except plastic surgery.
I still think overall good health, including exercise can help your body look better.

Pregnancy causes changes in your breast, so deciding not to breastfeed isn't going to save them.


My mom started off a 36C. Three pregnancies later, she was a 32-small B.  She never breastfed.


I started off a 32-small B. One pregnancy and just under 1.5 years of breastfeeding, I'm a 34-small C.  I was an overflowing C in early breastfeeding (about the first year).  Then, my baby stopped nursing as much and now only nurses for a few seconds every 2-3 days.  I don't think he's gotten any actual milk in two months, but my breasts are maintaining their C size.



Everyone's different. That's how I see it. I've breast fed 3 kids for a total of 2.5 years and my boobs (I'm very fit and athletic) are about the same size as they were pre-children, but they are deflated. Thankfully, though, since they're smaller, they're not hanging down to my belly button. 


I wouldn't change it though. I loved breast feeding my kids. I have some friends who really wanted to but were unsuccessful. I think either way, with age and even not having kids, your boobs will go south. Just maybe not as quickly and they might not deflate as much. 


I know some women who are permanently bigger in cup size, but that also depends on their weight somewhat too. Everyone's different. Just love your boobs, no matter how they look. That's the most important thing.


Now at 51 my boobs still look great even though I breast fed both my kids for an extended period of time. Recently I had the IUD ripped out after 19 years and started on a low estrogen birth control pill. I'm about to have my first period in 4 months. I'd forgotten how my boobs and tummy get a little bit more full just before. Cool. Not worth having a period mind you but still cool! LOL


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