Hopefully this isn't an old and done-to-death topic, but I recently got hold of "Nailed. Dead. Risen." by Impending Doom, who you'll, if you didn't already know it, guess from that title and name that they're a Christian death metal band.

Fine.  No problem with them being Christian, especially as (as far as I'm aware) they haven't used their musical means as a political platform or such.  It's a good album, if you like death metal/deathcore.  However: having finally read their lyrics (since you haven't a hope of deciphering them audibly), I'm a little curious about some of it.  It seems like they're making their point about them being right and us being wrong forcefully, to the point where it could be considered a little unnerving and I'm wondering if they're leaning towards being apocalyptic Christians.  If that's the case, I have to wonder if it's time to take them off the ipod, just out of principle of the urging-on of the end-times being a tad immoral and all.  If not, all well and good.

Some of it's just fallacious (the opening track is a prayer containing the line "Give me courage to stand boldly on your word, against this world father. This world that I don't wanna be a part of Because it is not of you, precious Jesus" (a shame that they don't wanna be a part of the world god surely created?)) and some more aggressive ("In the almighty savior's name I hope I scare the hell out of you. Be my savior, And you'll crush the head of the one strangling you, From breathing the breath of life, The one who blinds you from seeing heaven and the father reaching for you").  That and the running theme of the world being "run by the enemy".

So.  Am I missing the point, overreacting?  Apparently the name means that you're living your impending doom without Christ, which at the very least makes me raise an eyebrow and mutter "hey...".  Check 'em out, musically and lyrically.  There's not a lot of info etc out there on them, to be fair and they might not be making any such apocalyptic assertions at all, but I'd love to know what people think of them.

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Let me put it this way: when Glen Benton of Deicide (who is a self-described Satanist) sings "Kill the Christian" do you take him seriously?

I love Satanic Black Metal for the sound, and the lyrics against religion as a whole, but when bands praise Satan and advocate violence, I laugh. It's entertainment. I don't look to metal for a way to live my life. No rational, sane person would, even if the band takes themselves seriously, which I assume (even though I've never heard them) Impending Doom do.

Anyone who listens to Impending Doom and says: "I should live out these lyrics" are at the core, no different than the few people have listened to Black Metal and killed people in satanic rituals. Sure, the Christian metal fans aren't necessarily committing murder, but they are still inspired by song lyrics to make life decisions.

Crazy people will be crazy whether they have a band to reinforce their views or not.
Fair point, I like it, but it is important to remember that Satanism is different from the Occult. No, I don't take Glen Benton seriously, but I don't think most of the bands "praising" Satan mean it - I think they're just shit-stirring, to over-simplify the matter. You said it yourself, though - you assume Impending Doom do take themselves seriously. My being opposed to them wanting to bring on the apocalypse would be the same as my being opposed to a pro-Nazi band wanting to bring on ethnic-cleansing or something equally horrifying.

However, I'm just wondering if people think that that's what Impending Doom actually want. It's only speculation at this point - I fully accept that I might have got them all wrong! I'm still listening to them, after all...


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