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Very often we get called amoral because of our lack of faith.  I personally don't think I'm amoral.  I also highly doubt that any of you are amoral.  Because of how often I'm confronted about this morality issue, I've spent a lot of time thinking about morality and philosophy.  I think I finally found something that fits where I stand.  Its the concept of self-ownership and it feels like it should be common sense.  Its the idea that every individual owns themselves, and thus are responsible for their actions.  One is entitled to reap the rewards or suffer the consequences of his or her actions given that an individual owns oneself.  This eventually extends to property rights.  If your actions produce something of value then, by extension of the concept of self ownership, it's your property.  However, it's way too early so I doubt I can do it proper justice.  So here is a random link describes the principle of self ownership better than I can.  What do you guys think?


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