The Glass Garden Terrarium

Beautiful and pretty easy. You can use indoor plants of course.

It will be very nice for those who live in apartments..

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*Here is an interesting article and I added some few points to it....

I hope you like it...


How to Make a Glass Garden Terrarium

by Chelsea Hoffman.

A glass garden terrarium allows you the opportunity to grow ornamentals or edibles indoors. This lets you enjoy fresh herbs, vegetables or attractive flora and foliage without committing to an outdoor gardening routine. Knowing how to make a glass garden terrarium doesn't require many materials and you can experiment with a wide array of different plants that are suitable for the environment you have chosen.



1-Select a suitably sized glass aquarium, which can be found anywhere from pet stores to yard sales and thrift shops. For example, a 90-gallon glass aquarium is suitable for growing a wide array of live plants. It also serves as an excellent habitat for a ball python or other medium-sized reptile.



2-Place the aquarium on its stand or wherever you want it to be displayed, with the terrarium heating pad beneath it on one side. Terrarium heating pads are found in garden supply or pet stores, and they provide heat throughout the glass terrarium and in the soil to create a suitable environment for plants.


3- Cut a segment of heavy-duty garden plastic that fits the bottom of the aquarium. Press the liner into the bottom of the aquarium and up the sides by no more than 1/2 inch. This holds the substrate and keeps the root balls of the plants compact.


4- Layer 8 inches of potting soil at the bottom of the glass aquarium. Choose a soil that is formulated for the plants you are growing by selecting the appropriate choice at a reputable garden supply source.


5- Layer 3 inches of peat moss over the soil. Peat moss is a natural mulching material that retains moisture and adds nutrients to the soil. It also makes the environment of your terrarium look neat.

6- Transplant your plants accordingly into the prepared terrarium soil. Different plants have different transplanting instructions so it is necessary to follow instructions per the plant type. Do not damage the roots of the plants you transplant as it could put them into shock or kill them. If you are going to include a reptilian or amphibious pet in your terrarium, choose plants that are safe for pet consumption. Lizards enjoy chives, lemongrass and lettuce.


*I'd prefer the indoor cactus plants

7-Spritz plants once a day with *a fine mist of water in addition to watering the soil of the plants as needed. This keeps the foliage healthy, and it increases the humidity inside the glass terrarium.


*because you have alreadyused peat moss.


8-Simulate a day and night cycle with the hood light of the glass terrarium. 12 hours on and 12 hours off creates the sense of dark and light which keeps the plants or pets inside the terrarium healthy and stress free.


*or you can put the glass garden about two meters away from sunlight.


and btw, you can use these stones for decoration




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