Wow, I can't believe it's already late spring and this place is dead! 

C'mon, folks! 

Let's get dirty!

Right, so someone was asking about Florida pest control. 

Rabbits, aphids, caterpillars and gators, oh my! 

(I actually made up the gators part. If that's your garden pest, you might want to look at planting on higher ground!) 

So what's your trick?

Mine is an arsenal of garlic-hot pepper spray, thoughtful garden lay-out and a balanced ecology. 

I've got slugs around here, so of course I have ducks! The chickens take care of most everything else, and the Doberman scares off the furry food-stealing bastards. 

What do you do and how do you do it? 

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That's like something out of a horror film. 

And poor live in Guantanamo! I've...honestly never heard of such a thing. Two electrified fences? Are you gardening or at war?!?!

I'm all over here like, "Um, my poultry eat the bugs and my dog scares off the bigger-than-bugs."

Goodness. I didn't know some of my fellow gardeners were under siege.

Um, yeah.. sorry mate. I don't know what else to tell you except for "Throw a chicken at it." 

I've got a cat that lives in my bathroom and office. She eats all the indoor bugs. We sometimes have a stray stink beetle or two, but nothing Eleanor can't handle. I'm... completely at a loss. 

...and also going to have nightmares now. 


The cat doesn't really EAT them. Just kills em.
awww...a dingo ate her baby!
Great advice.
I put my bike down on the side late at night in rural Nevada, once.
I was pinned for all of about three minutes until I heard coyotes calling to each other waaaay too close for comfort.
I didn't think I could lift that thing, but it's amazing what a whole lot of adrenaline can do.


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