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On Sunday, AOL news -- perhaps not the best source of science reporting on this beautiful green earth -- reported on a study supposedly showing that gay parents are more likely to have gay kids. Unfortunately, some of the responses I've seen from the LGBT community have focused, less on whether the science in question is sound (it seems likely that it's not), but on whether the conclusions of this study are likely to hurt our cause. So it seemed like a good time to revive this piece from the archives, on the dangers of criticizing science simply because it reaches conclusions we don't like.

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I weary of all this constructionist / biological determinist pseudo-academic-psycho-babble bullshit, I really do! Remember Dean Hamer from the N.I.H who reckoned he'd isolated the Xq28 region (although his study didn't extend to lesbians...)? Couldn't replicate the results? 'socially learned' my arse! My favourite come-back (especially to my Dad...and he hates it :-) is that 'it takes two heterosexuals to make at least one homosexual'...I have two brothers (one younger, one older) and we were *ALL* brought up in exactly the same way: I'm gay and the other two are when people (rarely) say to me that it's 'learned behaviour' I'm kinda left wondering where EXACTLY am I supposed to have learned it? :-) Anyway, I haven't read the entire Blog I'd better get on with it!


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