If you've read the "Wedge Document." Here is the place where you can discuss your thoughts about it. Were you as shocked as I was that they would actually admit their hidden agenda on paper?

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It reminded me of Mein Kampf! Total propaganda machine. "Expelled No Intelligence Allowed! was one of the films that helps promote the Wedge Strategy, That movie based its premise on disinformation. You can find the real facts at .
THANK YOU DAVE G...for some reason my link didn't link...it disappeared! maybe it was the magicman in the sky lol
Ha! Ha! Ha! XD! I think the gremlins that live in the your computer stole it!
As Savage reports, this wedge document/strategy is pure propaganda. Put forward by people who would have us wind back the clock to the dark ages and just "believe." Don't question and don't even look at what's happening in the thought process.

What they have is a new name (intelligent design) for an old story(creationism). Basically, they find it hard or even do not want to come to grips with the complexity that we see in nature. It has to be directed, there has to be guide or whatever. They don't want to admit that there is an undirected process in natural selection happening.

Intelligent design is a bad social infection. Don't let it spread - Join a secular humanist group.
Amen! -(Figuratively speaking of course!) I live with Theists that are moderate and would fall under the category of "Theistic Evolutionists." (i.e. people who believe in Evolution in its entirety, but believe that God caused it.) - I no longer share the "God" part in my point of view, but I thank my lucky stars that I was brought up by Christians who encouraged me to believe in REAL science and be informed. Unfortunately, certain members of my family are a little behind the times in their information about the never-ending "Evolution-Creationism" battle. My mother, specifically, was at first alarmingly apathetic as to whether or not "Intelligent Design" made equal time in public schools. I talked to her and found out quickly that my sweet and innocent mother had not delved deep enough into the ID Movement to find out what it really was. She... like so many others... was fooled by the scientific-sounding title of the movement. When I explained what ID really was to her, she was horrified and immediately changed her mind and agreed that ID should NEVER be taught in a public school science classroom. My point is that there are some innocents out there whom the ID frauds have fooled and if they were only more informed they would be on our side.
ID is not just bad science, it's anti-science. It's an attempt to get people not to do science. The evolution of the flagellum or the mitochondrion, the sea-to-land-to-sea-to-land evolution of the tortoise and the hind legs of a whale are amazing, riveting stories. But what really freaks me out is how adult human beings can turn off that much of their brains and still breathe.
I posted the Nova episode "Intelligent Design on Trial" on this websites videos. Look it up and you'll see how a biologist completely destroys the "Bacterial Flagellum" objection and humiliates "Dr." Behe, one of the Discovery Institute's "champions."
Behe, if I recall correctly, backed out of appearing at the Dover trial.
Oh... then who was the ID "expert" who got slammed? I'll rewatch those videos and find out the answer.
Behe was the one who tried to shore up biochemistry/immunology irreducible complexity for the ID'ers in the case. He was pretty much slammed. He stated that there's nothing to the evoltuion of the immune system, yet it came out that he misrepresented the actual literature on the subject, and even had to admit that he didn't read the literature that was given to him...a real horses petoot.
It's a new religion though. They call it Christianity, but it doesn't fit with the Bible. The Discovery Institute has been so backed into an intellectual corner that they are officially Agnostic. If we keep pushing maybe we can make them Atheist ID proponents? But really, what's the point of being Christian and arguing for any point that doesn't support your view as consistent with the Bible? This is Old Earth science. This is the Round Earth, revolving around the Sun science. ID accepts enough science that there is no location known as heaven that the Tower of Babel could have reached. There never was a global flood. It throws off the bible as having any historical accuracy out the window. It's proven itself to be a debacle for Christians. The more they talk about it the more Pandora pays them back in spades.


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