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Love seeing everyone join up to this group; I feel like I am getting more emails about people joining everyday, and I think it's great to be making such progress. I don't post on here much, but I keep tabs on the site, and just wanted to share what I was up to, to hopefully further our cause, even though it isn't necessarily ground breaking.
    I am a podiatric medical student and, having such an interest in evolution, I developed a research study that is looking at the muscles of the foot. Basically, walking upright means that we need our big toe for propulsion and the lesser toes more for balance than anything else. Because of this, we are slowly, but surely, losing functionality of the lesser toes. There are tendons that are present in higher concentrations in our more primitive ancestors, and even more isolated human populations. Over the next few years, a couple fellow students and I will be counting as many cadaver tendons as possible and hopefully determining the percent of population that they are present in, while possibly determining racial or gender similarities.
    Just thought I'd let you all know, I think there are a lot of scientists out there always trying to further our understanding.

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There haven't been enough studies to determine it yet. Oddly enough, a study of Tibetan cadavers showed that none of them had the tendon to the fifth toe. Current convention states that the tendon should be there, however, it "may be missing" in a certain percent of people. Our research seems to be showing that the presence of the tendon is the exception.


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