Only a fool would argue against it!


   For ages it seems people have debated about Charles Darwin’s discovery. The so-called “Theory of Evolution” soon became a verified fact. Science did not take long to realize and recognize the profound truth of what Darwin had observed in the Galapagos Islands and elsewhere. However it upset the church immensely. Because evolution explained using basic common sense and scientifically verified facts the way that organisms survive and change to adapt to an environment.


In fact it explained the links between various species and their point of origin. When Charles Darwin wrote “The Origin of the Species” there was outrage because it contradicted Biblical teaching with actual facts. This flew in the face of religious dogma and doctrines, which held the origin of humanity in some magical light. Like religions all around the world, humanity had been explained as the creation of a God. A powerful divinity that could be neither seen nor felt, or proven in any way. But the hook was faith! Absolute, unquestioning, unwavering faith! Why? Because without faith, common sense soon kills such notions and with a little bit of research, science and understanding replace superstition, and ancient, primitive concepts with simple truths and facts.


   Evolution is very real. It is omnipresent and easily proven a million times over. It is evident in places that most people never even think about. And in point of fact, you would have to be so galactically stupid to believe anything else that it is almost mind-blowing that there are people who still argue against it. To argue against evolution requires 3 things.


1). A total lack of understanding about the process and how it works.


2). An illogical counter explanation that defies reason or proof but has been fervently brainwashed into someone’s head.


3). Stupidity on a scale that makes simple animal minds seem far more intellectual by comparison. (Only a mentally challenged or brainwashed person would have any difficulty with understanding evolution).


   So what is evolution? It is a process of change. A process of adaptation that takes place within an organism over a period of time. The process is either physical, or behavioral, or both. Behavioral evolution can happen very quickly or it can be gradual. Physical evolution is generally a longer drawn out process depending on the species. It can take a few generations to millions of years for it to occur. It is not an overnight change!


    In nature when a species reproduces, occasionally there are random genetic mutations that appear. Most of these are not especially beneficial to the given organism. Often the mutation is a detriment and the experiment fails. The organism is eaten or fails to receive enough nourishment to grow, survive, and reproduce. But not always. Some physical mutation can be beneficial to an organism. In those circumstances it will thrive. And an
organism that thrives (if it can reproduce successfully and pass on the new genetic trait to some of it’s offspring) has a better chance of impacting a successful change in a species. But again, this process can take a long time.

This is due to the fact that the organism can do everything right and still not be assured success. A predator can kill off an organism before it succeeds in reproducing. Or its mutation could cause social rejection and make females unwilling to reproduce with the organism (or males, depending on the gender of the mutated organism and its species) and thus kill off the chances that the trait is passed on to young. Or the gene that creates the mutation can be recessive and be transferred to the organism’s offspring while not manifesting any physical signs in those same young.


   But now and then a trait that is desirable to better aid the organism in survival does make it to the reproduction stage and several offspring are created with the new genetic trait. These organisms can then thrive and out compete their regular “type” thus ensuring that they too pass on the gene to their offspring. When this occurs the change becomes established, and barring some regional or global hindrances, soon all of the organisms begin
to manifest the new trait while the older type gradually vanishes.


   If an existing population is in the millions, it can take a long time to see the new species changes replacing the original species. Also depending on how great a benefit the change is, a species may see only partial changes in which the new trait is prevalent in some areas or with some populations, while the original trait continues to exist and survive simultaneously. This is how species begin to form sub-species that eventually branch out to become new species. The new species occurring as the sub-species continues to exhibit further genetic traits that become separate species traits, or regional adaptations are exhibited that give it an advantage in one location while the originating species continues to exist and thrive in another area.

Sometimes the original species will experience further genetic and/or behavioral changes that cause it to continue to evolve further from the sub-species at the same time as the sub-species is evolving away from the original species.


   When a species is no longer willing or able to cross breed with another organism from the point of origin, it is deemed a separate species entirely. Thus species develop gradually and change gradually. Some changes can occur more rapidly and certain organisms can evolve quicker than others.


   The more hardy, diversified, and adaptable a given species is, the greater its chances of survival and long term success are. The more species diversification it sees, the greater the likelihood that it will be an evolutionary success story.


    To those folks who are dubious about evolution or disbelieve it, I feel a great sadness for their blind ignorance. I cannot fathom what it must be like to be so utterly lost to logic and common sense that they do not even grasp that the various species of domestic dogs are proof of the evolutionary process! These breeds of animal are human designed examples of selective breeding for physical traits that create new and diversified breeds and body types. I have never seen God. BUT, I have seen dog! And dog is a shining example that evolution works. Look around you at the diversity of humans. The various races of people on our planet. Again, evolution is at work.


     Nature knows what we have forgotten. No matter how smart and sophisticated we have become, we are still animals. We may think of ourselves as better than animals (and I will not go into the semantics of that sort of ethical debate about human superiority), but the truth is that we hail from different geographic regions and out body traits from skin colour, to hair colour and type and density, to body fat and type, etcetera, are all tied in to the need for these things geographically.


   This is why Scandinavians and Northern Europeans generally have blond/blonde or red hair (which blends in well with a colder environment, plus long snow seasons) and the hairs are finer/thinner and more numerous than other hair types (averaging 270,000 more hairs on their heads than other folks). It is why their body fat tends to be greater. An adaptation to cooler environments where warmth and hunting stealth are important to the species. Blue or green eyes blend well in snow and northern coniferous forests. Camouflage that is exhibited regardless of the fact that we no longer require these traits since we have created our own survival conditions rather than existing under natural rules that govern a species.


   It is why as you head geographically further south where warmer weather is prevalent, that hair follicles become thicker, hair becomes darker, and so too does skin to accommodate the sun and again, a natural camouflage occurs as if we were still predators who hunted and had to avoid predation. Body fat content is greatly reduced as a racial trait in these regions since the increased temperature decreases the need for fat layers.


   When we get to arid, hot regions such as African or Australia, indigenous peoples have thick hair that curls, protecting the head and scalp from the sun while allowing a maximum of airflow and circulation to the scalp. A cooling trait that is much needed in such regions. The same with darker skin. Broad noses, pronounced lips, low body fat, and an increased amount of blood vessels closer to the skin surface allow for maximum heat reduction, breathing and cooling in a hot environment. The body is adapted for the region in which it evolved.


    Again these are simplified observations and examples to a very complex topic. But the point is that examples of evolution surround us. It is not difficult to see or understand. So encountering those who still debate it brings to my mind a significant question about the intelligence and reasoning capacity of such individuals. After all if you cannot grasp such a simple truth, then I understand how the concept of a religious entity creating humanity, and governing it, must be more than just an explanation for these people. It in fact becomes a need. A pacifier to help ease their poor minds from the strain of having to be used for anything more complex than driving their car to church to get another dose of organized religious BS, or trying to figure out how they are going to get 2 quarts of water into that little packet of Kool-aid?

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Hahaha I love the "Monkeys" debate. If one substituted the word "Primate" and then nudged the debate further by stating that having evolved from hominid primates just as monkeys have evolved from other primates, always seems to fluster or confuse these folks.


   As for evolution, we do indeed seem to be at an impasse as we look at the fact that we breed and reproduce without much to shape or wile away at our weak traits (excellent observation points on your part!) and we have little need for much physical evolution due to our artificial constructs and altered environmental conditions.


    The human body is still discarding certain evolutionary leftovers such as the appendix, which was once a separate digestive tract for vegetation. With each progressive generation it becomes smaller and smaller. Appendectomy operations become less and less prevalent with time.


   But overall, we are grinding to a standstill for the time being as our species decays. A victim of it's own success and failures as well. Great comments and observations! Thanks for sharing them.

Once you begin discussing "genomes" you will get creationalists seeing Travelocity commercials and discussing how those crazy evolutionists are discussing Gnomes! LOL.


Interesting article. I am wondering if due to the small amount of fossils discovered if the data will support this as a seperate species or offshoot of Homo Sapians such as Neanderthal and Cromagnon, or if it will be discovered to be an isolated genetic abhorrence?  


Fascinating stuff!


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