My first post for the group. I recently wrote a blog essay about why cereationists develop their beiliefs and advocate for mandatory teaching of evolutionary theory in the primary schools. See

I think we can all agree that it's imporant to keep religious dogma out of the classroom, but I think it's time that we land a good right cross on the smug faces of the flat earth society by making it a must that young children learn evolutionary principles. What do y'all think? As it is evolutionary theory is very rarely taught in primary schools K-8, and very rarely taught well in secondary schools. The extremely good article by Williams that I cite in the essay is a very good read on the subject.

We know that people develop their world views at often a very young age. Simply the way we've evolved and the way our brains work make us very suseptible to creationism by default. Williams is in the UK and advocates madatory evolution in primary schools. If we get to the kids before the creationists, we may have a chance. If indeed the hold of religion is lessening around the world, this is certainly a logical step to take.

After I posted the essay, I felt that I was a little too generous perhaps with the more liberal Evangelicals. I kind of end the thing a little stupidly, so I welcome all to tear me a new one if you so desire.

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Amen brother Nelson. The other thing I left out is exactly how in the US we would really go about getting high-standard evolution education into K-8 classrooms. Much of science curriculum in primary schools is dictated by state and local boards of eductaion. I don't think state boards would really allow it (at least south of the Mason/Dixon line). It's these very entities that are the ones that keep getting dragged into court over their desire to push ID in the schools. It would take an executive order by President Obama that would be tied to Federal funding. And even if that's accomplished I wonder how many state boards would refuse evolution education, refuse the funding, thereby depriving students in their states. Thanks so much for the links to Evo Edu Outreach. I wasn't aware of this periodical.
Yeah, this shit won't fly with many people.
Interestingly enough I know a school board president that lives in the next town. Seems like a rational person. I'm going to start conversations with him about this. I think it's worth a try, at least in the blue states.
I agree with this.
The one thing that I didn't do a good job in the essay (a little worried about length) was some of the discussions by evolutionary psychologists about the propensity for children to lean towards creationism-style thinking by virtue of a developing theory of mind. Children even before being intellectually abused by creationists may have certain propensities conceivably inherited from our hominid ancestor to seek agency behind naturally occuring events. So creationists might have an even more incidious inroad into a child's mind by virtue of our evolutionary history. I'll have to look into that more closely, it's a subject in of itself. Thanks for your comment!
I attached the Williams article here for those that may have had trouble with the link. Enjoy.

I was having this same discussion with my wife yesterday. I was absolutely deprived of a proper education growing up. I was in a catholic school from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Not once was I taught about evolution or the creation of the solar system...etc., It was all about Adam and Eve, and how God created the universe in 6 days, or 7...whatever that goofy story is. Oh, then they had the nerve to teach us about ancient mythology, how the ancient religions of Greece and Rome was mythology...the nerve. Once I have kids, I am going to make sure they get a proper education. 


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