An interesting article by Thomas L. Friedman in New York Times

How ISIS Drives Muslims From Islam

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I think it's only a matter of time before people realise that ISIS DOES represent Islam, more than people think at least. Al-azhar refusing to denounce them as non-muslims did us a favor in this department as well.
It's horrible that thousands of innocents have to be terrorized and murdered for people to wake up from their delusions...
And those who would still believe that ISIS doesn't represent them, well look at the bloodshed caused, even if indirectly, by religion.

I agree with your argument most people I heard start seeing this simple fact even who are called moderate Muslims start asking about their own religion (ironically moderate Muslims have no idea about Islam). Most of the people say that ISIS and its sisters does not represent Islam are politicians seeking political gains.

And those who are not politicians are those who prefer not to deal with the fact that everything they've believed in for a lifetime might conflict. Better just stick with this "moderate" Islam that'd mould itself to fit your needs without feeling guilty.

I think that Islam tacitly approves ISIS .  The outcry from the so called moderates is deafening by its silence.  Even if a moderate says something against ISIS it is usually in terms that are wishy washy at best.

The militancy of Islam is a true representation of the religion in my opinion.

Moderate Muslims cannot stand against ISIS in a debate because ISIS actually practicing Islam from its original sources which moderates have no idea about them... Even Al-Azhar the most important Islamic institution could not say that ISIS members are not Muslims

I argue that no one should define Islam for everyone else, and stop claiming that the fundamentalists have a right to claim their interpretation as the only possibly correct interpretation. That includes liberals not defining Islam as a religion of peace or anything else, but liberals encouraging Muslims to use their own consciences to define Islam instead of the rabid teeth of murderers.

For me I am trying to define Islam, actually the problem is that there is no clear definition for Islam if you talk to fundamentalist you will see that he has a solid arguments same scenario if you talk to a moderate. Islam is not one religion there are many Islam (s) actually if you talk to 10 Muslims you will discover at least 3 or 4 versions of Islam  

That's the problem. Religion is like a liquid that'd flow to fit the situation. Kind of ironic that an omniscient god could not be clear with his orders/teachings/whatever that he had to resort to playing with language to create a text that could be interpreted in a thousand ways that he'd never be wrong, and that if something is illogical it had to be the interpreter's mistake, not his of course.

Maybe someday this problem will be seen more as an opportunity, as the saying goes.

The difficulty is that the fundamentalists are so much more passionate. They overwhelm the moderates assuming that moderates exist.

Why does Hamas not label ISIS as terrorists?

RE: He also said that if the insurgency in Syria and Iraq is seen as terror, based on the killings taking place there, then the United States and Israel, which have killed thousands of innocent people, ought to be condemned as well.

.....a very interesting, and sobering perspective. Great article Reg, thanks for sharing that!


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