I'm watching Cosmos by Neil Tyson and i just realized what kind of crappy education i was getting while in school.

Science in our educational system never discusses evolution and never discussed how old is our universe .. of course every lesson was preceded by a Quranic verse even sometimes it was totally irrelevant and not related to the subject discussed or even worse explains the subject wrong (A famous example are the verses talking about evolution and fetal development.) .
Cosmos is aired on National geographic abu dhabi with arabic commentary and guess what .. it's edited and not accurately translated every time Neil mentions out ancestors .. don't know if anything was cut from them or not (i didn't notice anything like that as i only watched the first 2 episodes)

i'm excited about this show and i guess it's the best thing that is shown on TV this year.

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I hope that the producers of Cosmos do absolutely everything possible to ensure that the translations are authentic and that nothing is cut. It seems just as important as making the show in the first place.

After the season is over for the year, look for it in DVD.

i'm already pirating it .. sadly i have no choice.

I don't know If you already know this, but there is a group of people who translate each episode as soon as it comes out. We should at least try to spread it as best as possible. and i agree that the NG Abu Dhabi dub is an abomination !

Fadi, it's also available at "On Demand": http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Cosmos%3A-A-Spacetime-Odyssey/83...

Uncensored, I might add!


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