Hi everyone,

I'm just sharing some jokes here. :P


Whoah! SpongeBob is dangerous for your children! That cartoon teaches them homosexuality!

Whoah! SpongeBob has been exposed: "It is a part of a Masonic conspiracy against our children".

Urgent! Urgent! Oh Muslims! Do something! O.o

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actually its not a joke as sheikh Nabil Alawadi said it's Harram that Muslim families let their children watch spongbob as he is soft , feminine , even his clothes and his moves are feminine , he tried to prove his point by focusing on his long eye lashes , said he always cries and never defends himself ... he said that SpongBob has bad influence on Muslim kids and they shouldn't watch it ... (True Story)

Well, Sheikh Nabil Alawadi is crazy!

The Simpsons are forbidden coz they are masonic, spongebob is gay, the quran is filled with bloodshed.. what will kids do :D 


I laughed at the youtube comments below:


  • he's not gay cause same of them are fake pics it's not true so he's not gay


  • he isnt gay, spongebob is just best friends with patrick and he has lots of friends. and some of those      

  • its not that he's gay, its that he's stupid and retarded and nevermind he also is a fag

Now i love spongebob more than ever


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