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Your dilemma made me chuckle... First things FIRST >>> HALLOWEEN!

You have been doing a lot for the campaign, and unfortunately the date for the rally is simply bad timing for you and no doubt for many others. I think it's great that you are choosing to just have some fun with friends celebrating this once a year holiday. I would do the same thing if I were in your predicament. I am having a big bash on Oct. 30th too, and have been planning this party all month. Most of my decorations are up, but I still need to plan out my menu and pick out some silly prizes for best costume, etc. Can't wait!
Seems like you should be having a party too this Halloween. You have so much fun stuff to spook people, that it's a pity that few will get to enjoy your decorations....

My costume is pretty simple, not going to bother to put much time and $$$ into it. I'm more into decorating and preparing for my party. Going to be a Gypsy Fortune Teller. Super easy for me. I have long colorful skirts, I'll wear a peasant blouse, and a colorful shawl, with a flowered scarf tied around my head. Lots of bangles and necklaces, big hoop earrings, but the one thing I did buy this year to complete my outfit is a mask...

This guy does some amazing art masks, check more of them out here >> LINK

Only other thing I wish I had was a 'crystal ball.' I looked them up on ebay thinking I'd purchase one, but the prices were too high for me to indulge in this unnecessary accessory.

I'd love to be able to do fortunes, but I just don't think I'd have the knack. I had a friend who used to do fortune telling at fairs during the summer and she had a few private clients as well. It was complete and utter Bull Shit, she didn't even know the meaning of many of the Russian Gypsy card set she used. She just made it up as she went.... She had a sign that said "For Entertainment Purposes Only" on her booth, but people took her readings for real, and her innocuous advice seriously. I have to say she inherited her 'gift' for 'bull-shitting' from her dad. He lived his life taking advantage of people, and actually so does she. No, we are not friends anymore. But I have found in life that some people are takers and some givers. Unfortunately I have been taken advantage of by some, like this friend. It took me far too long to get wind of what was happening, but the one-sidedness of our relationship had become quite evident once I opened my eyes to the dynamics. She even had the gall to actually admit to my daughter that using people has worked quite well for her, and that it would continue to be useful in the future. AND she considers herself a 'good' catholic. hahaha.... She KNOWS she is going to heaven! (laughable)


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