I have MS and have pretty much walked my way thru the legal pharmacy for pain. What are the successful steps to getting a bill before a state legislature and getting it passed?

I can get Methadone (heroin) but I can't get MJ? What a joke!

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Found a good place to start: www.mpp.org Marijuana Policy Project. I also got ahold of a newspaper editor that ran a story several months back and asked for some contacts from him...still waiting. I will post my progress, or lack of, here.
Contacted (via email) a state representative from northern Idaho that is sponsoring a bill for the next legislative session. It appears that this will be the most restrictive medical marijuana law in the country if passed. Hopefully will get a response as I am not a resident in the guy's district.

I hope the bill will accomplish two things:
1) provide legal access to marijuana to those patients that need it
2) decriminalize out-of-state visitors that are caught with pot but have valid medical marijuana cards
Attended a "Legalize Marijuana" rally today. This was a mixture of mostly college students and older folks like me. Ah those silly kids. Many do not realize that they are not doing the cause any favors by holding signs stating "Let's smoke that Shit!" Priority number 1 needs to be legalizing medical marijuana. Cops were in attendance but did not interfere.

I doubt Idaho will ever legalize marijuana. Once the people in this extremely conservative state see that more legal marijuana does not cause orgies in the streets, etc, there may be less resistance to legalizing it.
Waiting for the Nov elections to see how the legislature is effected and to see if I need to contact different people. Hopefully the bill will still be submitted.
The medical mj bill has been submitted. However, I just found out that I will be moving to Texas in August. Texas! Oh well, I'll still do all I can to get it legal in Idaho.
Well, the 2011 session ended and the bill never made it to the floor. This is starting to look like Texas...which I will be moving to in August. Oh boy.


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