So today I was nosing around the interwebs, trying to find a way to resolve my morning nausea. 

It's something I've  had since I can remember, even in childhood. The earlier I get up, the queasier I feel. Doesn't matter if I slept ten hours or two. If it's morning and I'm waking up, I'm queasy. I've never been able to eat breakfast. I can't even take coffee for the first few hours. Mint and/or green tea are all I can ingest without actually vomiting.  Showers and baths do make me feel better....which lead me to this:

Hmm. Interesting. 

This doesn't apply to me, for a multitude of reasons, the first being that I sometimes go months or years without marijuana consumption and it never abated, it was actually worse. The second being, I actually medicate for the purpose of being able to maintain a healthy body weight and ...treat nausea. And it works. That's why I like a pipe over my green tea while I read the news every morning. So yeah. This doesn't apply to me, but I found it very, very interesting. 

Whatcha think? Anyone ever experience something like this? 

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