An image of a priest wearing a large crucifix handing out bibles to starving children in Africa on one side, on the other people wearing pro-atheist gear handing out food to the children.

Message: "Which one is more Christ like? If you are to choose a belief, why not promote the growth of humanity through whatever you believe and not the intolerance it preaches?"

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How about an image of little children picking through a dump for food with a caption reading "Give us this day our daily bread"?

Let's not be ignorant of the enormous amount of physical amenities the Church gives to underdeveloped countries.

Fair enough, but to be aware of the enormous amounts of money raised by churches and used to help people in underdeveloped countries does not in any way erase the fact that huge amounts of money raised by churches go to missionary activities in underdeveloped countries to save souls, and could be used instead to save the lives of the starving. The criticism is still valid. Also, as I understand it, is not a platform intended for religious debate. That being said, I question your capitalized, singular "Church". Is there only one? Yours perhaps?


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