The donations have really been pouring in lately, and we're getting close to our goal of funding the Think Atheist Billboard in Washington DC! What we'd like to know is if any of you have any experience with billboards; where would the best location be in terms of visibility vs. cost, do billboard owners care what the content is and should we be seeking more "secular" companies? Of course, we will be contacting local billboard owners ourselves, but we want the input of our members... we want YOU to be involved in this process. So, if you have any wisdom to impart, we are all ears.

Thanks so much for your support and donations thus far; we're really close and sooo excited to see what kind of impact this will make on our Web site and the nation at large. It could be big!

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Think the message should be more secular rather than promoting atheism.
Too many times I see billboards by the FFRF that I would say border on being religious-like themselves.
The "Praise Darwin: Evolve beyond Religion" one comes to mind immediately.
While I get the humor is saying "Praise Darwin" that's mostly because I immerse myself in this type of debate/discussion with virtually all of my free time and on top of that I'm a biologist. To most people this comes across as yet more religious fervor from the anti-religious side of society and is dismissed as such. To religious people this comes across as evidence of the religiousness of atheists that people like Kent Hovind, Krik "Crocaduck" Cameron, and Ray "Banana man" Comfort are always preaching.

The billboard should reflect the "THINK" part of the think atheist website more than the "atheist" part of it.

As far as the location for the billboard I'd say either in/near metro stations or on major highways leading into/out of DC. The beltway is WAY too crazy most of the time to be trying to read billboards. Plus, posting big billboards outside of DC might be cheaper than posting them inside. Also posting 100 smaller posters might be cheaper or more effective.


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