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I'm not sure what heading to use for starting a discussion, Do any of you know about a female pope? Have any of you read the Enumma Elish or Gilgamesh? Do you think that it is interesting that even though many cultures where thousands of miles apart many share similar creation myths? What do you think about the effects religion has had on the development of mankind? How did so called god become a man, when some of the first where Goddesses? Why did the Catholic church have a vote to decide if females have souls? I admit that my history is a bit rusty but I'll dust off the few books I have left to try to be accurate. My favorite quote is "The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." Plato 428 BC-348 BC. He also said something like, If the generation before could see the generation now, they would turn over in there graves. I love it, cause it seems to stand the test of time. Why did early man start to leave flowers on graves? He worshiped animals and rocks, the came pantheism, which seems to divide the gods and goddesses into the various human emotions/skill sets, then monotheism, do you think that atheism is the next step in human evolution? Do atheist believe in extraterrestrial life? Many scientist do, or at least they don't discount it?

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You ask a great deal of questions but ill answer this one 1st. Do atheist believe in extraterrestrial life?

I do. The concept of an omnipotent, all-knowing being is laughable. But the existence of other forms of sectioned life in the vast expanse known as the universe is not only possible, it is probable.

If you don't believe in god, then essentially you believe that life on earth occurred by natural means. If that's the case, then wouldn't it be reasonable to expect that it happens on other planets as well?

Of course there's not proof of it, but it's not like people are setting government policy based on what they think extraterrestrials might expect. Let's say someone told you they lived their life based on a book that was written 2,000 years ago by a guy who said he met an alien. Would you think he was nuts?
Here's Wikipedia's entry on Pope Joan, the female pope. It's reputedly a legend.
I'd always heard it was a legend too, but I would argue it's more than just a random story. Not that they really needed a reason, but it provided a good justification for barring women from the priesthood. "We can't have women clergy because women have babies, ergo women will have babies all the time in inappropriate places!"

Well, maybe.

I think 'believe' is the wrong word when you're talking about extraterrestrial life. We really have no way of knowing. Considering the vast expanse of the universe, I *hope* that there's some other intelligent species out there, but I would be getting ahead of myself to say that I definitely believed there was or wasn't I think.

Many questions there Meg - won't answer them all (gotta leave some fodder for the others :D) - take a sample and look at them.


Far as the tikes (catholics) voting on whether women have souls, like everything else in catholicism, it was misogynistic and ultimately about control and fear. The catholics DESPISE women because they are TERRIFIED of women. Recall, according to the so-called 'fall' story in genesis, it is WOMAN who takes of the 'forbidden fruit' and thereby causes adam to fall - therefore it is WOMEN who are to blame for all the sin in the world. But of course that doesn't serve the interests of a male-dominated church does it? *scoffs*


Far as religion's impact of the development of mankind goes the stifling effect of religion is staggering - religion is about power and control lubricated by fear and loathing. Religion creates, indeed thrives on, fear and self-hatred. To paraphrase a line from Pat Condell clergy don't want you looking into your heart, because that's where the bullshit detector is. So they monger self-hatred, despite (to borrow from Monty Python) 'blessed is anyone with a vested interest in the status quo' - essentially blessed are all. But who needs that? Who needs people actually having an iota of self-worth? Sure as hell not clergy - why - they'd be out of a job


Far as god made into a man I'm always amused by this - god sacrificed himself to himself in order to appease himself so he wouldn't meat out this massive 'punishment' that he has in mind for man because he chose to think for himself and not submit to and obey the self-serving hypocrites that call themselves clergy...sorry - got a little carried away there lol :D


Hope this helps (hell if you've read to here I reckon you've done well lol)


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