I am preparing my son for kindergarden. Through conversation recently with another parent I found out that many elementary schools do not have a science teacher! Thinking back to my own elementary school, we didn't either. So maybe this is the norm and I've just never realized it until now. But I was shocked to learn one school in the area funds the science teacher salary from the PTA!!! I was appauled!! I found this article in relation talking about the "No Child Left Behind" how it has caused a huge emphasis to be placed on reading and math...


Don't get me wrong, reading and math is important, but so is science!!! I want to do something about this. I don't know where to start. I can think of many things that could be done but for fear of sounding too idealistic I want to pose the question to this community.

What would it take to make sure elementary kids are learning science in public schools?

I'm going to make a plan to address this in my son's school district. I'm thinking of writing a grant to request federal money to do this. (I have connections)...I'm just wondering what YOU all think about this and what possibly could be done?

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