I was just wondering. I met a few of the members in my friends band. I'm playing guitar and bass for them. I know my friend Niki is catholic, but it never really mattered to me. anyway, when I met the other members, I found out that all three of them were either catholic or another branch of Christianity. it's cool with me, but it was a little awkward when we busted out the old testament looking for ideas for a band name. lol too me, the only thing that could come out of the bible worth while is something dark, brutal and metal sounding.

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The drummer and guitarist in my band are both christians. I write all the songs and they know where I stand on life. We don't talk about it much but when we do everybody is respectful.
Yes i have been in one band in the past that was very interesting. lol both the drummer and guitarist were staunch methodists, and me, being a staunch atheist, found much disagreement. we eventually broke up.
Most singer songwriters I know are theists, well at least outwardly. I'd bet many of them are like I used to be - don't offend and go with the flow. This approach was bearable until god and country became synonomous.
I never had a problem with it..but when I write a song about religion and the harm it does...I know it would be offensive. so...i guess it would stifle my creativity.

I've had a lot of people come and go over the course of building a live band for my music project. Thankfully, everyone I've worked with has been as tolerant of my views as I am of theirs, so long as we don't need to talk about it.  The content of my work incorporates a variety of views, especially the work of HP Lovecraft, which could be considered as valid a religious concept as any, and certainly more exciting. I do make critical statements in content of my lyrics, but it's not overly obvious. If you know it's there, or tend to look at things similarly as I do, you'll find it.


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