"Horror Movies Don't Scare Me because I'm an Atheist!" - Suggestions to people who say this

Write your suggestions for alternatives for people who feel this way. There are some supernatural movies that may scare you anyway, but if you're not scared of ghosts or demons at all, you may want to look to this forumn to see what people posted as alternatives.

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She laughed and said. "exactly!".  However, (apparently) the true horror films of the day were those of Bela Lugosi - those were apparently magnificent.

Can you tell, by the frequency of my use of the word 'apparently', that horror isn't really my genre? :)

Yes, I can tell. It's a flaw in your character.

A flaw?  Just the one?  Laughs, I have so many, even my flaws have flaws ;)


Ha! Not my cup of tea, either. (I knew what you meant before reading your clarification, below.)

Meanwhile, I got to see my first human cadaver a couple months ago, including all its internal organs (except for the head). (But I did get to hold some human brains a couple months before that.)

I had no idea how I'd react to a dead human body and its parts, but amazingly, I found it fairly comfortable, cool and interesting. But I'm still not interested in (or comfortable with) gratuitous blood & gore.

I read that in the Alien scene where the 'thing' bursts out of John Hurt's chest, the director didn't tell the cast what was going to happen, so that they'd all look appropriately shocked.  I found an interview bit about it here.  (It's funny when it happens to someone else, of course)

Personally I remember going to the cinema with my best mate to see the opening night of Jaws - there's a scene where a dead man's head pops out underwater from a hole in a wrecked boat.  The audience shrieked with shock, and my pal found herself in the lap of the guy next to her, where she had leapt in terror.  That was funny, looking back.

As far as real cadavers go, I think I'd be fine with the component parts - as long as it wasn't someone I'd known.  If it was, I think it would creep me right out.

Your account about seeing Jaws reminds me of the original Friday the 13th. My parents got together with friends and they sent all of us kids out to see a movie. I had already seen it. My sister and the other kids would cover their eyes when the killings occurred. So I waited with anticipation for the end where an unexpected surprise happens. I quite enjoyed their screams when it happened. LOL

- as long as it wasn't someone I'd known.  If it was, I think it would creep me right out.

I'll that's true for most people (unlike Dexter).

I don't know how standard the procedure is elsewhere, but they wrap cloth around the head, hands, and feet at our lab. Those are the most "human" looking parts that seem to bother people.

How did you happen to see a cadaver?

Anatomy class. I'm working at a degree for Clinical Medical Assistant.

I've seen corpses on several occasions. The worst was after what must have been a pretty thorough autopsy concentrating on the thorax and head of the person. They didn't close the guy up. His chest was open like open shutters on a window. I have discovered a dead person in one instance and then I was there when my father died, which was very peaceful. He died with all of his children at his side.


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