"Horror Movies Don't Scare Me because I'm an Atheist!" - Suggestions to people who say this

Write your suggestions for alternatives for people who feel this way. There are some supernatural movies that may scare you anyway, but if you're not scared of ghosts or demons at all, you may want to look to this forumn to see what people posted as alternatives.

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28 Days Later is great for a person who loves bloody horror but isn't scared by the supernatural. Yes, the killers are called "zombies" but they're not "supernatural undead zombies." In fact they're not even dead yet. They're "infected" with a virus and the infection is making them crazy.

This movie scared the pants off me!
I am an atheist, but I still enjoy supernatural horror. For those who don't, there are plenty of scary flicks that play on all sorts of natural fears. Try Eden Lake. Easily one of the more disturbing I've seen in a long time.

I really liked Nine Miles Down.  It's a really great horror movie with atheistic overtones..

I enjoy a well made horror or sci-fi flick . The trick is , ( as with all works of fiction ) , one must suspend disbelief , and realize that the world constructed within the film is a self contained reality , with different rules , separate from our own . Empathy for the characters then carries us the rest of way .

John Carpenters version of The Thing is amazing!

Jacobs Ladder is damn good too!

Have you seen the 2011 version? I'd say it's equally good, though different. One way it's different is that the lead is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who is about as hot as it gets.

The Thing (2011) is a prequel to Carpenter's The Thing. I haven't watched 2011 immediately followed by Carpenter's yet but, unless my memory failed me, they will mesh quite well.

It isn't being an atheist which makes horror movies not as scary for me - I'm just sort of broken. The suspense gets to me - gives me a thrill. Alien is still good at creating suspense.

But others for me don't create the suspense upon further viewings but I still enjoy some of them. I just watched Cabin in the Woods again and for me it was so fun. In the Mouth of Madness is another that was suspenseful the first time but now is just great fun. Like I said, I'm a bit broken.

As time has gone by, horror movies stopped scaring me, in general. Why? The scripts generally are so obvious. Plots are propelled by stupid behavior. In a dark spooky house, the 16 year old girl goes to investigate the moaning sound even though she's supposed to be alone. People walking backwards into darkness or toward a window without looking over their shoulder. Stuff like that. 

My other problem is that at some point after seeing Alien, I became a fiction writer, and so three things happened. First, I became analytical when watching movies. Why did the writer write it that way? Secondly, I've seen almost everything before. Normally, things which are intended to surprise, don't surprise me. Finally, I'm always aware that it's fiction...it's just a movie.

My biggest scare since Alien was when (here comes a spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen The Ring)...

the girl crawls out of the TV set.

If you haven't seen Cabin in the Woods or In the Mouth of Madness, you might give them a chance. Neither of them fits well into categories.

In the Mouth of Madness is somewhat Lovecraftian but not based on any of HPL's stories and was directed by John Carpenter. Carpenter refers to The Thing, Prince of Darkness and In the Mouth of Madness as his "Apocalypse Trilogy". I love all three movies.


OMspaghettimonster, yes! I saw this as a preteen and it scarred me. I didn't want to be alone for a good three weeks. I still wonder about what's going on above the foam ceiling tiles if I hear unexplained sounds (if the building is settling, etc.).  I couldn't watch this movie again for a long time, but when I did, it still got me.

An American Werewolf In London is another amazing classic!

A lot of dark humor and a special effects milestone.

That is a good one, especially for the first-time viewer because of the out-of-the-blue surprises. It stands up to more viewings, but those surprises don't surprise anymore.


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