You're going to prison for 10 years. You can however take TWO games with you. The ONLY two games you'll have access to for 10 years. What do you take?

The year is 2012 and the US has gone full retard and elected Sarah Palin as president. After dirty bombs explode in several US cities she declares martial law in order to protect our "freedoms". The first thing she does is to start locking up undesirables. This includes Atheists, non-Christians, Redditors, and Matt Damon.

While your "camp" doesn't have internet access, you are allowed to bring two games with you as you serve out your 10 year term for not supporting "freedom." They can be console or pc but you'll be stuck with them.

What do you bring?

/Cue Twilight Zone music

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This is a tough one.  I would have to say the two games I would bring would be:


Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced or Record of Agarest War (A good long Tactics Game)


But here is another question...can we swap games with other prisoners? >=D

Yeah I think LAN would be allowed!


Erm, I am assuming that we'd get internet connectivity, if only just for the games.

I'd take

  • Go, the Japanese board game, software version of course, with the option to play over the internet or LAN.
  • An MMORPG that is not repetitive. Don't know which one though. Any suggestions? Something which focuses on all the aspects of game play & not just the action.

While your "camp" doesn't have internet access, you are allowed to bring two games with you as you serve out your 10 year term for not supporting "freedom."

Damn :/p>

Well okay, can we have a LAN?

Anyways, I'll still take Go & change my other game to S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Shadows of Chernobyl.

O_O hard question!


I've never owned a console but I am an avid gamer, so they would be PC games. The thing that makes this really hard for me to answer is thinking about only being able to play single-player games, and something with a possible 10 years of replay-ability! Yikes. I mean if we could choose an mmo I'd pick LOTRO without hesitation. And maybe a game like CS: Source that could become extremely competitive among a closed group of players over a long period of time.


As for single-player games, hmmm. Well the one that occurs to me is Civ5, but it'd actually be a hard choice between Civ5 and Civ4. I think i'd probably go for Civ4 though just because Civ5 is still not quite up to par and for the long term I think Civ4 would be a better choice. 


For the other, I really don't know, I can't immediately think of a single game I'd want to play again and again for 10 years. Perhaps one of the rpgs that has a huge world to explore like Elder Scrolls IV.

As a back up to my whole Fallout plan (in case it falls though), I'd have a shit ton of drugs smuggled in and waste away my sentence playing something hypnotic like Flower.



so you mean skyrim?

I would want a great PC, a good gaming API and a nice integrated coding platform for developing my own damn games.  I truly think I could keep myself well amused for 10 years by coding 'the ultimate game'.

I second this. Also I would probably explore evolutionary computing and AI while I was locked up... probably include them in games I write.


Also: Heather is a programmer? cool! there's far too few women in this field tbh.

I gave it up fully 10 years ago now because I just hated rewriting the same crap over and over every time api's updated or platforms changed.  I still wind up 'doodling' with stuff on occasion for personal interest, and I tend to make a lot of database interfaces for various personal projects, but that's it.


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