If you've never seen any episodes of The Guild, you are missing out. Almost any gamer should be able to relate; if you're an online gamer you'll relate better, if you're a MMO gamer you'll relate best (bonus connection for WOW players).

They started as an independent, and are still fairly independent despite some funding from Microsoft. They are currently in season three. You can watch previous seasons on YouTube; and both previous and current seasons can be downloaded via XBox Live.

They did this promo music video for E3 this year.

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Lmao, this video is hilarious. I haven't watched The Guild lately, but I loved the first two seasons. There was a girl in my old guild that sounded so much like Clara that a few of us were convinced either it actually was her, or the girl was trying to be her.
Funny thing, Clara is the only one of them that doesn't actually play WoW.
Oh, and it looks like you can also watch the current season on MSN.


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