I've taken too long a break from my habbit/addiction, with all the training and terrorist slaying I've been up to lol. Just got back a few days ago and I must say it's hard to get back in the swing of things.


The first two titles I picked up were Red Dead and Alan Wake. I've been told both are incredible however I can't find the time to play them and when ever I do get a moment of gaming solace I don't want to because, A) when ever I play horror games I prefer to do right by the genre by playing them alone at night. Having been slapped back on night shift and back into the warm embrace of my wife, playing any game at night hasn't been much of an option, yet. B) I've been waiting for RDR for quite a while and it feels like I missed a chance at seeing a great movie in theatres and am waiting for the proper moment to watch the DVD when I can give it my full attention.


I have been hitting up the old multiplayer crack pipe from time to time. An old Brit friend finally hit up the Gears of War band wagon, so I've been showing him the basics. While I did have Nazi Zombies available on my iPhone, playing it with a 46 incher and 3 random dudes is so much better... and I am aware at how impossibly gay that statement was.


While I'm having trouble jumping back into BC2 my sniper shot is still as steady and accurate as ever so oorah to that. Finally got my L4D2 disc back from a coworker so should be dicing up some zombies tonight if anyones interested.. oh yeah gotta hit up the passing, anyone play it yet???


IDK what the point of this post was... oh look, pepsi!!

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