I know the setting is somewhere we don't believe in, but hey past greeks believed all the stuff that went down in God of War lol. Speaking of which, even though this game def "borrows" a bunch from GoW in more ways than one, I'm still having a blast with it.


Cutting foes in half with deaths sycthe(I call it a sling blade most folks call it a sycthe) is very rewarding not to mention fun to watch.


The "magical" cross which serves more as a "get the fuck back" device is also quite entertaining.


The environment of hell is dark, grimey, and gritty. Again while the story is similar and presented in a very GoW esque style, it too will keep you wanting more.


Have only just gotten to the first circle of hell(Lust) but limbo showed promise of things to come.


Boss battles may be simple, but have their moments of difficulty and can be long.


BTW, anyone who gets this title and enjoys as much as I do, DLC is coming with a wave-style game feature for two online player coop. So hit me up.



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I am playing it right now, really enjoying the game, the mythology of christianity is actually beautiful is some ways, as long as it is no more than mythology that is fun, it's the same as someone might say an old gothic church is beautiful or even a verse of scripture an interesting thing not really a spoiler dante asks why he has not seen any of the people he fought in the crusades in hell and Satin replies they are in their own hell. So the game doesn't try and claim that one branch of religion is correct everyone is punished by their own morals and the morals of their own religion. I love how the game has taken everything completely literally such as the unbaptised babies that crawl out of Cleopatra's boobs. The game is very "hard core" with the violence the sexual references "yes there is lots of penis in hell" eternal torture, suffering and pain.
"yes there is a lot of penis in hell"

roflmao omfg that was AWESOME !

I just saw the video for the promo pack sent to (Gamespot-dot-com ?) for 'Wrath' Brilliant is all I can say.
So far, I'm loving Dante's Inferno. I don't look at the mythology in it any different than I do the mythology in GoW.


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