Hey, I was just wondering if there were anyone else here who is also
currently reading the Christian Holy Bible, weither it is for the first
time or if you are just re-reading it. I was raised as a christian and I
am reading because there is a lot that I have forgotten and I think
that in order to understand your own beliefs, you must also understand
the beliefs of others.

The bible that I am reading is a King James version, published by Holman Bible Publishers. My parents got it
for me when I first told them that I am an Atheist.

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In 2000 I read the entire Bible without the help of clergy or anyone to give me their interpretations. I had a "Parallel Bible," which had King James Version, New Living Translation, New International Version, and the American Standard. I read the whole thing and studied it carefully for approximately eight months. I was appalled with the Old Testament and a lot of red flags went up. I had an open mind for trying to find the "truth." I quickly realized the Bible was mythology and Yahweh as portrayed in the Old Testament was basically a prick.
Yeah, that's why Xians try to get you to read the NT first.

I have read it a few times, but seeing as I am currently working on a book that delves into the realm of biblical criticism I am once again reading the bible (well, the entire NT and some OT) in both the Revised Standard Verson (Oxford Annotated) and Koine Greek.

Jesus is most likely an Imaginary Friend that the Christians project to be a real historic person.


Well, sort of. I have played the devil's advocate for the fact that Jesus may never have existed as a real person and one can make the argument but it is just as far fetched as saying he did. In all likelihood he did exist in some degree, Galilee was a hotbed for religious reformers and revolutionaries at the time, but he was no doubt far from how he is pictured in the Bible.


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