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I just played some resident evil 5 at a friends house. What is the obsession? She has 3 other zombie games on top of resident evil...




Whats the obsession with zombies? 





Bonus question! 


How funny would it be to see a zombie jesus game? Or do they already have that?


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Also, I am not going to lie, I do enjoy shooting them! 

I also enjoy shooting them... It's something about their brainlessness that just makes them such a target....that, and the fact that they crave human flesh. They are just begging to be shot in the head.


Seriously though, they are a classic "bad" guy because their motives are as simple as "BRAAAAIIINNNZZZZ!@!@!@!@!". No more plot line needed than that.

i think it is because zombies , aliens and nazi's are the main  groups the general public feels ok with indiscriminitly slaughtering

Zombies remind me of theists - that is why I like Zombie games ha ha.

I would love to see a first person shoot em up game with the enemy being rambling preachers and their sheep flock.

Someone just made a game where you can gun down zombie teabaggers. It's not really as cool as the idea sounds when you see it. The whole "my enemies are mindless undead and they hate me for my freedom!" attitude is more a right-wing thing. Not my taste.

Watch "The Walking Dead". Awesome show

90% of the books I read involve zombies. In my opinion the scary thing about them is their relentlessness, sheer numbers, aversion to pain, and basic grotesqueness. I love that, one on one, you can take out a zombie fairly easily, but any more than that you run like hell. I like the stories where survivors, if intelligent and prepared enough, can survive for years. I've loved zombies since I was a young teenager and to this day can't get enough of them. 


I also second watching The Walking Dead, but try to read the comics first. If you want some good book recommendations let me know, i've read tons.

Hey I would love recommendations on Books.

Because zombies want to kill you as badly as you want to kill them. It's the thrill in the chase. Also, as pleasing as it would be to see a zombie Jesus game, the fanatics would never let it happen. womp womp.

i think it may stem from a human fascination with death.  we appear to be the only thing on this planet that is aware of our mortality, and horror as a genre allows us to explore this fascination but from the perspective of not being actively part of it. 


it's another way to get the adrenaline rush without the danger.  amusement rides work like this, too.

Cetaceans in general, as well as several other mammals and corvids.

Of course to each his own, but I thought the Zach Snyder remake was far greater. The biker gang really ruined it for me, while the "runners" of the 2004 remake kicked it up a notch.


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