So I 'came out' about my atheism recently to my parents, and they took it extremely well (I don't think they were that surprised, really), but the first question they asked me was "When did you know?". And I honestly just said some really vague answer. I can't remember a specific moment when I said 'Aha! I get it! I'm an atheist!'. For me, it was definitely a slow and deliberate process leading to atheism. But I was curious as to how others on T/A came to be atheist (this is assuming the majority of you were raised in religious households). Did anyone have an 'Eureka' moment, or has it been a process for you guys, too? I'm just curious; I don't personally know any other atheists, so my knowledge is pretty limited in this area.

I think this may have been covered in another discussion already, so I apologize if it's redundant. Thanks! :)

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No a-ha! moment for me either. It was a gradual process started when I saw " What bleep do we knou?"
We are all born atheists, without any notion of any supernatural. It's deluded parents who sway our minds to folly. My parents were crummy in a lot of regards, but they never mentioned, not once, god or jesus at home, so it never even dawned on me to consider the existence of anything supernatural. Once I got to school, they tried to convert me (school system was still catholic back then). I had a couple of weeks (literally) of doubts, around the age of 12-13 under pressure from my good friends at the time, but it was short lived, since there was zero evidence... So I dismissed my doubts, and those friends, they were not worth my time.

It was really more of an 'oh, I don't really have reason to believe that either.'


It took a bit longer to realize that being an atheist is pretty awesome.

My Aha! atheist moment was when I realized that no matter what I did, or how hard I tried to make it so, a concept of a loving God was not logical. It was a devestating moment.


I hate going to church (I'm still forced to) and have always been, and I've always had doubts, but trusted my parents that they were right. I DID have an AHA moment, though, after watching Zeitgeist, and even though I now reject a lot of the ideas expressed by it, I still accept that 'God'doesn't exist.


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