And read the comments after it. It's amazing how stupid people are.

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I've often observed this myself, although here in the UK this kind of thinking usually comes from Muslims, who dominate some parts of Bradford, Leeds and London, and the defenses are stuff about 'human rights'. Sad thing is that an increasing amount of civil court cases win based on this.
What James has said is a perfect example of the kind of sick minded meaninglessness that is created by atheism!
No, it is a result of the hopelessness felt as we look around and see that 85% of the people around us are retarded and believe in bat shit crazy fairy tales. Meaningless is a god who thinks you are a piece of shit and you have to be subservient and pray to him so that by chance he may let you hang out with him after you die. If you kiss his ass enough. There is one factor that determines what religion you will be....and that is....where you were born.
I'm happy that the atheist/agnostic/secular community in the Charlotte area (and the south in general) is starting to make itself known. When I lived there it seemed like I was the only atheist in the state.

It's kind of cool that the billboard and it's subsequent vandalism made the news. Draws more attention than a billboard on its own.
I'm not angry yet. All I see is desperation from the opposite camp.
Break the law for Jesus, what else is new?
My first suspect would be Sarah Palin. I heard she was in that immediate area last seen with a can of spray paint.


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