And read the comments after it. It's amazing how stupid people are.

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You know what I would do if I was the owner of this billboard. I would just go up there with a can of spray paint. Draw an arrow pointing to the "under God" part. Then I would write "added in 1953", and leave the billboard up for a couple more weeks before replacing it.
HAHAHA excellent idea.

I'm thinking of going to the church down the street and spray painting "HITLER WAS A CATHOLIC".

Too much?
It won't do any good to sink to their level by vandalising them. How 'bout we just paint a big red X through their "under god" and write "not in the ORIGINAL pledge".
God Listens To Slayer! Pictures, Images and Photos

I thought you might think this the appropriate response LOL (It doesn't make it right) But it's funny as hell lmao
This is amazing. I wish that happened around here. Hahaha
The comments there espousing PRIDE in their hatred of those with different beliefs astounds me. "About time the Christians stand up for themselves..."

I so don't see how NOT saying "Under god" is derogatory. It isn't like the billboard said "One nation, without the need of an invisible friend, indivisible...."

And how to people not get that REMOVING that text isn't forcing our opinions on them... it's removing their opinions being forced on us...
Christians tend to have this really annoying persecution complex in which they think that they're the righteous minority and that everyone else in the universe is constantly trying to stifle their religious rights. Meanwhile, back in reality, christians actually make up the overwhelming majority of America and are perpetually shoving their own beliefs down the throats of everyone else, and when someone tries to stand up for their own rights, the religious right is there to scream "PERSECUTION!!!" and bitch about how the godless, immoral liberals are communists who hate america.
I've never heard of a 'persecution complex' before, but that's exactly what they have. It's goddamn infuriating. And while it may not do any good to vandalize their property, it's what Jesus would have done. ;)
Its beyond infuriating, and quite insensitive to people who are actually being persecuted and having their rights infringed upon (ironically, usually by christians).

And thats an awesome image you've created in my mind: Jesus going all out on some church with a can of spray paint :)
but an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.
Not if everyone started out with two eyes, in which case everyone would have one eye, but I get the metaphor.
Speaking of shoving their beliefs on everyone else, I really hate those "avoid hell" billboards I keep seeing across the country. I would take it as psychological warfare.


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