Another grotesque adventure for the religion of peace. You don't even have to read the article. You know everything there is to know in the headline...but here's the link to the article if you really need it.

50 people murdered in a gay club massacre in Orlando

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Clearly one useful thing would be consitency across all the states for the regulation of guns and knives. I typically carry a folding knife. It has a 4" blade which I think is the longest blade allowed in my area, but if I cross the river into Washington or go into the next town or county here in Oregon, I might suddenly be carrying illegally. Plus, I AM illegal if I walk into a Post Office to buy postage.

The limit in CO is 3 1/2 inches for a concealed blade. can open carry a sword if you like.  I was unaware the post office banned knives.

One thing that grates on me is most federal "facilities" where weapons are forbidden refer to actual buildings.  The Post Office, however, has ruled that the parking lot is part of the facility.  (You might not be able to just leave the knife in the car.)

Maybe you can open carry a knife, then. However, in some jurisdictions a knife, even a large knife affixed to your belt, in plain sight to anyone, is nevertheless DEFINED to be a concealed weapon.

I remember seeing a "no weapons allowed" (paraphrase) sign at the Post Office door. 

Yes, which just goes to make your point about the patchwork quilt of knife laws.  It's worse than gun laws, because at least many states have passed pre-emption laws so the state is at least uniform, edge to edge.  Less effort has been put into decluttering knife laws (much less making them rational enough to avoid "it's concealed" gotchas).

At the PO all I've noticed (so far) is the ten year felony sign for guns.  I'll check next time to see if there's other stuff pertaining to "weapons."  (Most "no weapons" signs here helpfully show the outline of two different guns and one scary looking knife inside the red circle with a slash.  If it's no guns only, it tends to be the outline of a Beretta 92.  (So I guess a revolver is good to go...))

There's no shortage of sensationalism and no fountain of useful statistics in these stories. That's largely how terrorism works, and I'll bet DAESH (et al) enjoys Trump's rise in popularity.

Meanwhile, according to an ex-wife, the perp had been mentally explosif for years; perhaps ISIS just handed a convenient opportunity to him to become a vigilante for justice. He even wanted to be a cop, early on.

I've come around to agreeing that gun control won't affect incidents like these, one way or the other. The bigger question to me (as pointed to by SteveInCO) is about how to address the bigger, largely ignored problem of daily violence, and other costly ills.

Don't let terrorism rule us.

A man claiming to be a former co-worker claimed that he complained to management multiple times about the (future) shooter's behavior (basically complaining and muttering about shooting about every WASP and woman he had to deal with, presumably with them no longer present), and was told in no uncertain terms that the (future) shooter would not be touched because he was Muslim and they didn't want to deal with accusations of racism, discrimination, etc.

I have no idea if anyone has been able to substantiate this.

The Onion had an interesting response.  "

"At Times Like This, We Need To Pull Ourselves Up, Hold Our Loved Ones Close, Block Any Legislation That Would Prevent Suspected Terrorists From Buying Guns, And Say A Prayer For The Victims."


"Concerned NRA Official Rushes Out To Purchase Congressman Following Mass Shooting"


"Nation Wishes It Could Just Once Be Reminded Of Preciousness Of Life Without Mass Shooting"

If ya aint an anti-theist why aint ya?

I am certainly anti-this-sort-of-theism.

I won't generalize it to include ALL forms of it though. 

Most theists live perfectly peaceable lives with the only taint being the sort of casual "oh you can't be a good person without god" bigotry, and some even manage to avoid that.  I can certainly agree to disagree with the latter and carry on without having to despise their beliefs.  The former irritate me and I'll certainly verbally cudgel them when they deserve it, but it doesn't rise to the level of hate.

Sorry I'm replying from the phone and it's a joke. A hate preacher in Orlando has called for gays to be killed as recently as April. There is not enough talk about Islam and too much talk about guns. Also the guy was reportedly seen celebrating on 9/11 plus his dad is a taliban supporter. These are the "moderate" western muslims.

Hatred of gays is in the back bone of Islam.

One thing that most of us don't think about is that many of the dead and injured are being "outed" by becoming casualties of the attack. 



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