I was once told on a news website's discussion thread that I couldn't say Merry Christmas because I was an Atheist. The poster took off on a very profane rant about how it was an offense to god. For the rest of the season I replied to any of his posts that I came across with "Merry Mythmas!"

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A few of my favorites are
"Happy Winter Solstice,"
"Festive Heathen Feast," and
"Jolly Pagan Sacrifice!"
Merry Xmas works just fine i think!or happy holidays works too. but then I dont care if i offend god so :P
FYI, Xmas isn't *actually* taking the Christ out of Christmas. The X was short hand for Christ. I've heard it as both short for the Greek of his name "Xplorós", and also as a slanted cross for his crucifixion.

But, on topic, I'm all for celebrating the secularized Christmas. My father is convinced that my husband & I aren't atheists because we do celebrate the family holiday on December 25. He really likes to harp on the fact I have a nativity set. Well, growing up Catholic, the creche was part of the holiday for me. I still like that family sense. My response to him was "Well, we don't believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny either, and still use those as decorations around those holidays." I think it's just comforting to him to think that I'm not as heathen as I claim to be.
Indeed! Why would someone think I cared if I offended someone I don't believe exists? lol
I always figured that we could say what we want even we don't believe in the religious aspect. If I want to say merry christmas, I don't see why I can't. It doesn't make me a hypocrite or anything. If people want to think that of me thats their problem, not mine.
@Tony Miller
If an atheist saying "Merry Christmas" offends xtians, well, that's just a bonus, isn't it? But seriously, i thought they were getting all huffy because we DIDN'T want to say it. It would help their cause if they could just decide on a position: do they want everyone saying "Merry Christmas" or are they happy with the spread of "Happy Holidays"?

Merry Mythmas & Reason's Greetings are hilarious.

But i am with Corey Lord - I just go with Christmas.
I have no problem with co-opting their religious holiday for secular use.
I guess they think we shouldn't be allowed to celebrate at all. But, if they knew ANYTHING about religious history, they'd know Christmas is a conglomeration of several pagan religions meshed into one blessed holiday. Besides, no one tries to ban them from celebrating Halloween... though the Bible is clear about not messing around with spiritual entities.

Holidays are part of enjoying a fun tradition, and no one gets to horde them and exclude people from celebrating. F-ing jerks.
Wait.. I thought Christians boycotted places that DIDN'T say Merry Christmas, and instead used religiously neutral phrases like "happy holidays." (If they ain't gunna say Merry Christmas, then I'll do my Christmas shopping elsewhere!"
At least that is what my email forwards tell me.....:(
Well that's just silly. When I say "merry Christmas" to a Christian, I am saying that I hope they enjoy celebrating the holiday they celebrate. It doesn't say anything about what I celebrate or believe. Just like when I say "happy birthday" to someone on their birthday, it doesn't mean that it's also my birthday - I just hope they have a nice time when they celebrate their own special occasion. These are just ways of spreading positive wishes to people by stating that you hope they have a nice time doing whatever it is they're doing.

In summary, that guy was an idiot. :)
I'm a fan of "Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season."
in fact "merry christmas" has lost his relation to any christian meaning. it's like when i say: oh my god or something like that. i don't believe in god, but i keep saying it, because i'm just used to it.
in austria, we even have god in our greetings. (we say "grüß gott" which means: greet god.) so when i'm an atheist now, am i still allowed to greet sombody or do i have to stop that too?


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