Would you eat it? I certainly would. This question is also directed at vegetarians. My personal feelings are that it would be a healthier/safer/more sanitary way to go about meat. What are your thoughts?

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It's not the same if you don't torture an animal for a little while first...
Of course, that's not how I would feel about it, but I'm sure a lot of people would still kill and eat animals just like they do now, when there is already plenty of other food available. Basically, nothing will change, because the ones that don't eat meat for the sake of the animal, are already either vegetarians or planning to become one really soon.

I'm not vegetarian by any means. 

I can justify this by responding to the post popular points for vegetarianism by saying this:

I fully believe that I do more to help the planet by not having kids than I ever could by not eating meat. 

My body is my business. No matter what diet is 'best' for me, as an adult I can put what I want into my body when I want to. Period. 

I also think that death is pretty natural, too. 

So that just leaves pain and suffering.

Yeah. I'm not so cool with that. The animal products I buy are always (or as close to always as I can get) open range, grain free, organic, game meat, ect. 

If something lives a pretty natural life and then dies humanely, why not eat it? 

Now if I could buy a big, juicy roast chicken and not have to do research for ten hours to make sure it didn't come from a cramped little cage and a life full of forced hormones, I sure as hell would. Even if it costs twice or three times as much, I would. 




I think you are right about people still wanting to hunt.  My husband hunts.  He loves the activity of hunting, and he also loves bringing home food to his family.  Inherent biology?  The environment he grew up in?  Both?  I couldn't tell you.  Nor do I condemn it.  He's as humane as it gets, really.


I've also wondered, just for argument's sake really, what would happen to all the livestock we were no longer eating should the world simultaneously go vegetarian?  I would just like to point out as a disclaimer, I have nothing against those who eat me (ie, me) or vegetarians at all.  Each to his own, friends. 

Thin sliced shitake mushroom tossed in olive oil and course salt can be baked until crisp and added to a salad as a very comparable substitute to bacon bits - great on baked potatoes as well. Please understand that I am a serious meat lover and I am serious when I can say the crispy shitake mushroom bits really could replace bacon bits - although bacon has just so many damn wonderful uses.

It's funny, salty, fatty, and not what god intended -- but fry a slice of SPAM up in a pan and it tastes pretty good to me.

Mmmmmm... SPAM...

I couldn't agree more with Adriana.

I'm healthy enough without any type of meat. 

Yes, I would eat it. And that's saying a lot. As a vegan for about 10 years now I no longer view meat as food. The thought of eating flesh is as disgusting to me now as the thought of eating earwax, blood, pus, semen, urine, milk or other bodily fluids. But I would eat lab grown meat just to help create a market for it so that all the people who haven't realized you can get your fat and salt fix without eating meat will stop paying people to torture and kill animals for the trivial sake of their own taste buds.
Mostly I just find it more convenient to eat a single source that includes all 14 essential aminos than having to mix and match non-animal products to get the same results.  If they put out a 'veggie burger' that proved it provided all 14 essential aminos without it tasting like cardboard and costing twice as much as flesh burgers, well I'ld buy them in bulk and eat them all the time.


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