The continent has most of the world's most poisonous snakes, not only on land but in the ocean. It has the world's largest crocodiles, and one can be devoured by one in or near the ocean or a river, and then out in the surf great white sharks abound. And I haven't even mentioned box jellyfish, blue ring octopi, stone fish, or the red backed and funnel spiders.

If ever a land was saying "Go away, people," it's Australia.

Add to all this that Sydney, strangely, is one of the most expensive cities on Earth and that you're so far from the United States (where everyone wants to go) and why would anyone live there, much less WANT to live there?

So, why are there people in Australia? What explains it?

Yes, and of course I'm being tongue in cheek. I'm sure there are many reasons to risk the many ways to die there.

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That's GOOD! Worthy of a rimshot!

@Unseen - three things I don't joke about - Child porn, rape in general and hypocrisy - everything else is fair game.

Nay, nay not so, fair maiden - you left out misogyny, one of your greatest pet peeves!

@Archy - I humbly beg to differ, good Sir. Misogyny comes under the banner of Hypocrisy - otherwise my list would tend to be very long :)

And, thank you, once again, for all your support for the women of the world.

If more men were lovers instead of fighters, more men would be getting their leg over :)

RE: "And thank you, once again, for all your support for the women of the world." - just think of me as a MaidenForm, supporting all that I can --

Just another example of white people stealing other people's land to set up their beautiful homes while we get kicked out of our lands.

Yes I am just kidding

But seriously though, I really want to visit Australia for vacation. It seems like a really fun place to go to. Especially I wanna go see Kangaroos and Koala Bears and their beaches

It may just be a bigass rock but I do want to see it.  Though I understand Alice Springs is skippable otherwise.

I was working once next to a lady who was looking for her next job (she was on notice for a layoff and was looking for other jobs within the company).  She happened across a listing for Alice Springs, said it (the job) sounded interesting.  I advised that she might want to google "Alice Springs" since she evidently didn't even know what continent it was on.

Sounds about right since we Americans tend to suck at world geography. 

@SteveinCO - She probably was assuming it was in Austria.

@Adam - That is exactly what happened - we ruined a culture at least 40,000 years old in a mere two hundred years, and now we are one big mining hole.

I'm not entirely sure who you're addressing, Norm - I looked back three pages and can't seem to find a comment this one relates to - could you elaborate?

Blimey, you guys.  Norm, you posted somewhere back there that money doesn't just slip into politicians pockets, and Arch asked Onyango to point out the bribery levels in Kenya to you, whilst noting that you were a nice person in case his request to Mak (Onyango) seemed to invite a disparaging statement.  There we go, all cleared up.

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