Why do people dislike me because i am agnostic?

I just don't feel comfortable picking a side yet and i want to experiences more in life  and learn before i decide what i am i am even unsure if that label would work with me being i "Don't think" there's a god and don't know if there is but if i was to be an atheists  i would still believe in a afterlife but not heaven hell or a god.  but i feel so lost and alone athiest seem just to HATE or dislike people like agnostics...or it feels like that. I Don't think all do though. but why are "some" people like this?

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I tend to view bisexuality as sexual opportunism. As Woody Allen said about bisexuality, "It doubles your chance for a date on Saturday night."

I like it here on the fence. You get a better view. Julia Sweeny turned me from atheist to agnostic. Listening to her monologues about letting God go helped me realize that although I have never believed in God I want to keep the idea open. It gives you room to pray and not feel foolish if no one is listening. So what if  it's not real. People say stop praying and get out and do real things to fix your life or situation. Yes, you have to take action but having a good focus on your goals is helpful and even for an instant I don't mind a little magical thinking. 

same  but with this: i have a wiccan side to me without the gods or goddess mines just based around energy.

I once described myself as an agnostic but a) I found myself constantly having explain what an agnostic was; and b) if you regard belief as a postive (underlined) then I don't believe in God [at least not the Christian one(s)]: so I now decribe myself as a agnostic (underlined) athesist

I would view this as inaccurate for most atheists.  This is not an attack on your point however Reg, I needed to make the following point an this seemed the most logical place to drop it :P

Claims of 'knowing' or 'certainty' are never completely founded.  As an atheist though, I accept a degree of reasonable doubt.  I think any thinking atheist has to accept that degree of reasonable doubt, but for convenience there after, should be able to call themselves an atheist without persecution of ignorance.  

Personally I view the chance of a supernatural being in the sky that judges us as to winning the lotto 5 times in a row.  The chance that there is some kind od deietly that cares little on not at all for us, maybe drop that to 3 times in a row. That doesn't make me cretin, I have no proof, but it defiantly makes me atheist.

As the man says, just because you cant completely prove something one way of the other, doesn't make the chances of it 50/50

Very interesting venn diagram.

Does a 'proof exist', before it is 'found'? If we stop 'looking' for a proof, will we just accidently discover it? If 'proof' is found, but no one cares for that data, will the new 'knowledge', be added to our collection?

The universe is a vast 'place', and we are very small creatures, with still limited vision and tools. Many of our fellow travelers have desided to 'ignore' the color glasses that they wear, while others can still tell that they wear them. Sadly, we seem to need something 'more' to perseave the universe more fully, than the tools we are born with.    

I completely agree. I actually label myself an Agnostic Theist.

I think it might work out a little better as a graph though, since there are all sorts of levels of belief (or disbelief) in the concepts of the divine, and different levels of knowing or not.

"Atheist" isn't a definition of who I am, it's a description of who I'm not.

It could also be the definition of 'what kind' of honesty I have...

I consider myself an agnostic atheist.  I have no knowledge of a god's existence.  While I acknowledge that a god is a possibility, I find this rather improbable based on the information that I do have.  I prefer to speak in terms of probabilities and possibilities rather than belief.  Belief and faith are more ambiguous. 

I don't hate or dislike people who choose to self-label as agnostics BUT it really tells me nothing.  So you don't know...okay...none of us do.  Which way do you lean?  Does it depend on the moment?  In what ways?  I understand not wanting to label as an atheist, as you don't feel that it fully embodies what you think and feel.  A true agnostic though...that's a unicorn to me.  I don't believe that true fence sitters without inclinations one way or another exist.  It's just far too small of a space to occupy. 

Us atheists, well we come in all shapes and sizes and degrees.  Some of us still cling to our upbringings even though we just don't find a god likely anymore - some of us still pray.  Many of us take what we like of religion and leave the rest.  Others well we're not entirely sure or haven't thought about it much, but we live as though there is no god and so that's where we stand.  Me?  I proudly call myself an atheist and hope that others see through me that we're not scary, militant, baby eaters ;).  I hope that they meet other atheists and see that we're all just human, and a lot more alike than we'd like to admit.  With that in mind, I would love for more agnostics living like atheists to step forward...when they're ready...and if you never are that's okay too.

Taking the standpoint that we should be agnostic about everything not specifically dis-proven is irrational. It's all about probabilities for me. The Christian god is so staggeringly improbable that I can't even get my head around what the number for the odds of its existence would be like. And yet we are supposed to attach a firm "I don't know, I can never be certain" to it.

There is too much weight in the word agnostic. It gives too much credit to the possibility of existence of the bronze age god, while forgetting about the probabilities. I suppose we should all be agnostic about Zeus too? and every other one of the thousands of mental delusions - plus the ones we may never have even heard of. 


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