Israel is 470km long and 135km wide from what I could see on maps. Most of the cities and towns are around rivers, or near water, that means cultivation of crops = food. Port cities so trade should be good. 

I am exploring reasons why they decide to make the big Exodus to Israel.

> God is going to change all the water in Egypt into blood.  The fish will die, the river will stink, and none of the Egyptians will be able to drink it." ( could this be what we call red tide, where phytoplankton turns water a red brown colour, fish will die because of not enough oxygen in the water, the water smells very bad and you can not drink the water or eat the seafood.) We get red tide very often and it is bad and smells.

>They did as God asked and Pharaoh once again refused to let the people go.  So Aaron stretched out his hand over the waters of Egypt and the frogs came up and covered everything. ( frogs are know to migrate to mate by the hundreds asspecialy after rain)

>Gnats and flies, all the livestock got sick and died, the Egyptians were covered in sores, hail came down and killed all the crops, locusts came and ate all the grass and everything green, and then there was complete darkness.  Nobody left their homes because they couldn't even see where they were going. (All of these can today be explained as natural events> Locusts after drought and then good rain we have hade some of thos they eat everything, outbreak under animals like foot and mouth diseas that will bring dead animals and gnats and flies, people will also get sick in the proses.                                                       >The first borns die (People will die no antibiotics those years)

1. Could I be wrong for thinking that the natural accuring events were seen as events send by God as they had no scientific understanding of them so they contributed it to the supernatural.

2. Was this not reason enough for them to pack up and go, no food, no, water,live stock died, diseas?

3. Why not go to a land that has food,water, cities ect.

4. Tribal war was normal in those times still happens today.

You see what you like, you go in murder, pillage and take what you feel you are entitled to that is how countrys are over throuwn.

Now why if this was all because of the almighty god wanting to destroy all other gods and the people that worshiped other gods, did he not at the same time have a mission going in Asia, Europe,The Americas and other continets? 

Why Israel when he had so many options?

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I think Hitchens answers "why Israel" very well here.It is a classic.

Thanks Reg I had a look it is well said, and does relate to the way I have been thinking

Because Abraham was psychotic in Israel.

"The Lord works in mysterious ways." In other words, don't ask.

I just wonder if christians ever think about this, but then they will have a biblical explanation for this.Don't they ever wonder why this group of people and the fact that they decided to proclaim their god one of many had to be the ultemid god. Why him and him alone had to be worshiped. If you invade a country and whant to be the ultimate ruler,take all their belonging for yourself, strip them of their identity, force your identity and rule onto them. 


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