Hi Friends!


Few questions I have for you today.


Are you a dem or rep? What lead you to your choice of political affiliation? Your parents? Friends? TV? Radio? 


What influences your thought process?


Do you cringe like I do when you hear political candidates say, "I am a christian."?


I think the rep's just hate Obama because he's black. Yes I said it. 


I do plan on voting for him again. 


My final thoughts are that they are all crooks and liars. 

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But doesn't the fact that an American asked it on an American dominated forum make the point somewhat moot?

Secondary objective complete... Not really, but sorta.


If I speak for myself and a whole lot of other non-Americans, we are interested in what Americans vote. Unfortunately - and I say this with mixed feelings as the alternatives are possibly even worse - the US is a global empire and we suffer the consequences too.

It is therefore with fear stricken hearts and compassion with the sensible minority that we watch their options between candidates who either have no balls or no brains or miss both.




And this is what I was trying to elicit... The global effect of America on the world.

Well, at least the foreign impressions of American political candidates closely match that of the domestic impressions.

well said sir.

I think the discussion post and the answers are in an implied context from the content itself... not that people from other countries aren't on here, but it's a set of questions with a specific scope that Sophie lives in and wanted to ask about. What's wrong with that?

Just because it's a global forum, does that mean all discussions need to be neutered into a global nature? I don't see where anyone discussed politics here as if the US is the only country that matters. It's the scope of the topic because Sophie lives here, and the answers are naturally from people who live here too................

If someone who lives in Sweden posted the very same thing but swapped all key words with something related to Sweden, who cares? I wouldn't have much to say about it, because I don't live in Sweden and so it doesn't affect me, and at the moment not interested in that regardless even if I could be. But it's a great question for people that live there or care to discuss, especially on a site like this. Whether they acknowledged the global nature of the site or not. The context is implied by itself.

Perhaps because it is a question that is regarding American politics?  


What would your answers be if you were an American?

Haha! Did I give the impression that I wasn't an American? I'm American.


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