I don't necessarily believe in spirits or the after life, but I do wonder sometimes; where does our energy go once we die? Conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Any theories?

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Where does the electricity in a bulb go, when the bulb burns out?

Into the microorganisms that consume us, dissipates as thermal energy, and is stored in molecules as energy waiting to be released, which happens through the natural processes of decay. I think that sums it up unless you are thinking of some other source of energy that isn't based on chemical reactions?

Chemical reactions continue to occur, we're just dead. There is no separate 'energy' to go anywhere. The metabolic reactions that fuel us will simply stop and bacteria and other life will make good use of our resources.

No different from any other non-living object, except for the chemically stored energy it once had. Decomposition uses up the chemical energy. (Makes me wonder though, are embalmed and less decomposed bodies more flammable? )

There are rumors with emphasis on rumors, that some south american mummies has com busted when the came in touch with air, so well perhaps   


Of course you're asking about psychic energy aren't you?

While the Law of Conservation of energy does state energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can take on different forms. The heat energy of your body will change into a different form as will its chemical energy. As the body decomposes it loses mass which is of course Energy and this is transferred to the organisms that consume us. There is no “left over” Energy that cannot find a new home.

On another level the total Energy of the Universe is Zero!! When the Big Bang occurred it created positive Energy in the form of matter and anti-matter and photons. All this Energy is precisely balanced out by negative Gravitational Energy when it pulls on the mass of any positively charged object. This is the essence of how a Universe with zero total Energy only needs the tiniest amount of Energy to start from nothing. Inflation theory does not add or subtract any Energy.

We know that particles and antiparticles flash into existence and immediately disappear. Known as quantum fluctuations they spontaneously live and die without breaking the Law of Conversation. They happen all the time and in all places as has been show by experimentation.  So the Big Bang was probably a quantum fluctuation where the positive and negative particles lived longer than usual. The “longer” being the start of time and space at the BB.

The whole process from when the 2 particles spontaneously appeared to the Big Bang and to Inflation happening where the Universe expanded thousands of light years across took less than one hundredth of a second.

(I learned some good stuff there, but I believe conservation of mass and energy is at the sub-nuclear level, not the chemical bond level.)

Sorry off topic. Reg. so "Universe expanded thousands of light years across took less than one hundredth of a second" doesn't that mean that the "stuff" on the outskirts of this "universe" thousands of light years across had to travel there at a speed many millions of times faster that the speed of light?

Yes, I went a bit off topic myself. The BB suggests that the Universe was created with an extremely high energy density. Due to the Laws of Thermodynamics it was forced to expand at exponential rates as it cooled down to temperatures that are the same wherever we look in the Universe today. It is impossible to conceptualize it but the math works to agree with its predictions that this expansion meant the early Universe inflated or doubled in size about 100,000 times every 10~35 (10 to the minus 35) seconds with the first second of time. Here is a good article (old Sunday School) on it.

Question, Reg - since we're already off-topic - the theory is, that the BB created slightly more matter than antimatter, the two opposing forces annihilated each other, and the universe we see today is merely the left-over matter, which explains why there is so little antimatter left in the universe.

If that's the case, all of the energy from that original annihilation should still be out there, shouldn't it?

Hi Arch, That is a good question. Why is there Something rather than Nothing?

 I am not too sure of the answer. It was suggested that down at the subatomic level (where it all happens anyway) that certain elements like mesons and anti-mesons have a different mass or density to each other so there was a tiny bit left over afterward they annihilated each other or decayed. The tiny amount of matter left over is what formed all the stars and planets and the Energy leftover fuelled the speed of Inflationary Expansion. The residual energy (heat) can be seen in the CMBR whose temperatures were predicted in theory (the beauty of the Scientific Method) and later proven to be correct to give greater support to the Inflationary model of the BB.

Since the discovery of the Higgs which completed (?) the Standard Model of Particle Physics new experiments into antimatter are being carried out at CERN which are asking the same question. Why is there Matter instead of nothing?

I will stand corrected on any of this as I am not a scientist. I wonder if I could find a biblical verse to prove it?


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