Where Do You Stand If/When War Breaks Out With Iran?

Part of my atheism and humanism is my pacifism. However as a realist and a rationalist, and from what I am seeing in the news, war with Iran is a forgone conclusion. Even if we don't attack preemptively, in all likelihood Israel will and we will be bound to support them. This war will be bigger than Iraq and Afghanistan combined and there is a huge chance Russia may support Iran. 

A third war. It's tragic and terrifying. Just as one war ended and talk of withdrawing from Afghanistan begins to move forward, the war hawks have their eyes on yet another conflict.

This one however is not easy.

As an atheist, I can see how the influence of extreme Islam, and the might of the ultimate seat of power the Khomeini, will indeed push Iran in the direction of acquiring a nuclear bomb. So when they say they are looking to nuclear power for peaceful means, can we take them on their word? Can even inspectors tell us the truth? If the country was not a theocracy, perhaps we would not have this problem. 

However, part of me wants to acknowledge history, whereas we were so certain their were wmds in Iraq.

I just don't know what to believe any more or whom.I'm scared for my children. I don't want this country to end up in another war.

Is there another option? What about waiting for the worst case scenario; they acquire a bomb and there goes most of Israel or a city in the US? Then when we attack and at least it will be justified? I just don't know.

Where do do you stand? How does this affect you and your family? Does your atheism have anything to do with it? Is this an inevitable course of events?

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I would rather avoid the war as would most but if Iran does make the mistake of causing disruption of the global supply of oil or pushing it too far in the cat and mouse games they play with the U.S Navy to where shooting starts in the Gulf I would have to support action against Iran. Action against Iran I don't believe would include a full on invasion because of the bitter taste from Iraq but more along the lines of airstikes and naval action etc. It's very sad because I know the Iranian people overall are good people who have found themselves being led by thugs and zealots. I do think the people will eventually over throw the government in a long and bloody struggle but the thing that worries me is what the theocratic zealots in charge now will do as the pressure mounts on an already very unstable government in which there is much infighting of a serious nature happening already. You have to remember that there are some very scary people in positions of power in Iran that could cause a war not in the interest of the people. I would even go so far as to suggest that there are some factions in Iranian government who don't answer to the President of Iran or the more sane traditional military who want a war. These are the people we should be worried about...all it takes is for one Iranian military officer who is a radical to open fire on or ram ships from another nation or for someone to make a bad judgment call leading to an accident that causes war. Make no mistake though the Iranian leaders are not stupid or innocent victims of the world they are masters of propoganda and political maneuvering with the best of them and we should remember that in the days to come.

Iran does not possess intercontinental ballistic capabilities. The US is not in their arsenals range. But Israel is next door. If and when Israel bombs strategic nuclear production facilities within Iran I hope we can remain out of the fray. The window of opportunity is closing fast and by May/June of this year it could be too late. If Israel starts a conflagration then I fear our eventual involvement is inevitable. Personally I don't give a rat's ass about Israel and their problems of a homeland.

I don't either but the US is so in-bed with Israel will we have a choice?

I wish Western countries would drop Israel like a hot potato, burning in the oven for way too many decades. That nation is a disgrace, and if they were to attack Iran, all Western aid to Israel should cease, immediately.

   I don't find this a complicated problem.  If Iran attacked us, which is really a preposterous notion (why would they except to prevent our invading to steal their oil?), I would support a war against them.  But no country has ever attacked us first, including Japan (We had already attacked them in Indochina; remember the "Flying Tigers"?  That was BEFORE Pearl Harbor).  And Iran has no reason to attack us and commit suicide.  If Iran did acquire nuclear bombs, I would also support war, as long as we, the only country on earth to ever actually claim the right to incinerate as many as a quarter million innocent men, women, and children just to put an exclamation point on a war we had already won decisively, got rid of ours. If we attack Iran for having, MAYBE, a nuclear bomb, then we should likewise attack all the other countries that we KNOW have them, like India, Israel, South Africa, Britain, and France.  And, of course, Pakistan, which is a potential enemy; and North Korea, which IS a looming threat.  But we would never do that, because those countries CAN protect themselves; they CAN retaliate.  America just doesn't make war against countries that can fight back.   I repeat, if we demand that other countries destroy their nuclear weapons, so should we.  The vast majority of countries in the world get along just fine without them.  It is the height of hypocrisy for America to claim the moral high ground vis a vis nuclear weapons.

   Finally, as to our obligation to honor our treaties and mutual defense pacts with Israel, since when has America EVER felt obligated to honor the treaties and agreements it signs?  We signed the Geneva protocols, but we routinely ignore them at our convenience.  What's so different about Israel? 

I totally agree. The reason is the jewish lobby and the christian lobby both huge in goverment, supports Israel. Yet another reason to get money out of politics.

Israel is the only democracy in the region. The reason for the Arab Spring is because all the other countries in the region are ruled by despots, dictators, terrorists and military juntas.

These Arab nations won't grant citizenship or property rights to Palestinians JUST TO KEEP THE CONFLICT ALIVE. They don't want peace with Israel. They don't want Israel period. Surrounded by hostile neighbors, peace is in Israel's interest. They can't fend off the entire region forever.

The Palestinians are the pawns of everyone. The Arabs and Persians ... they really honestly don't give two shits about the Palestinians as anything other then a way to barter with Israel or to use for political purposes back home. If these other countries really believed what they say they do they would invite all of their "brothers" into their nations. No... they would rather keep them right where they want them... in the camps being treated like animals. It's gone on so long that even the Arabs are fearful of letting the Palestinians have free movement in their own countries because of what they fostered in those camps.

‘Israel is the only democracy in the region.’ I laughed pretty hard at that one. Great joke! You know, Israel … democracy …
If I were an Arab, I would not want Israel, either, at least not with this kind of government and behaviour.

How would you respond if your neighbors kept lobbing stones through your windows and taking random pot-shots at you as you come and go? Israel has made mistakes but they stemmed from choices they should never have had to make in the first place. They have the right of sovereignty. I don't like all their decisions but I recognize they're between a rock and a hard place.

More importantly is the other players in the region. Arabs/Palestinians/Druze who stayed in Israel became citizens, even members of government. That's what democracies do. But Arabs shut out the Palestinians who refused Israel and left them no place to go. I'll bet they weren't expecting THAT! The Palestinian problem is artificial and purposely maintained by Arabs in the region.

Israel's statehood has long been a moot point. Arabs could absorb the Palestinians the same as other countries around the world absorb neighboring refugees.

There's propaganda and then there's facts. Looking at the facts, Palestinians should hate Arabs more than Israelis. But that's the thing about religious bigotry and hatred: it's not logical.

Why should Arab nations give Palestinians citizenship or property rights,they have them already and this is what the rest of the whole world are behind, the Palestinians right to statehood and right of return to their homeland.And calling Israel a democracy is ludicrous,what about the people in Gaza who they keep in an open top cage,and the familys in the west bank that are used for target practice by the settlers and who carry guns to install fear?Israeli is not a democracy it's nothing more than humiliating apartheid state.

Yeah and American Indians have legal rights to take back the U.S.

Israel's here. Been here a long time. They're a sovereign state with the right to defend themselves and protect their own interests. As long as missiles, snipers and suicide bombers threaten Israelis, I won't blame Israel for their mistakes. I know that drives you crazy . . . but I don't care. I believe in self defense, national interests, and carrying a big stick in hostile neighborhoods.


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