I usually post about evolutionary psychology and its relationship to conservative values, but I thought I'd post something light-hearted and different for a change.

I had a glorious childhood. I attended an all-boys private school and I had a blast. I'm still in touch with my friends from school. I also used to roam a lot around my neighbourhood on my own from age 6 onwards and my parents didn't mind at all. I'd walk or cycle to my friends house and we'd get the gang together and do something outside.

These days, I find most children not playing outside. They are usually in front of a screen, either chatting on social media or playing video games. Parents also seem to prefer locking up their kids inside. I don't know why that is.

What was your childhood like? Did you have fun?

How about your school? Did you like it or hate it?

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"For instance, a few hours ago you referred to black people as genetically inferior "barbarians"" - I referred to criminal thugs who exhibited dark triad characteristics as barbarians. I stand by what I said.

The NY Times is a biased magazine that did a hit piece on Murray. If are the least bit open-minded, you can listen to him talking about the hit piece and his side of the story here. I have read his original book and use that to form my opinions; not some column by a biased hack reporter.

Dr. Charles Murray has done more for the black community than you or I. Just because you cling to your politically correct worldview does not make you a moral person who has actually helped any black person. PC worldview actually has done immense damage to the black community.

From this article called "The Black Family: 40 years of lies"

"Three thinkers in particular—Charles Murray, Lawrence Mead, and Thomas Sowell—though they did not always write directly about the black family, effectively changed the conversation about it. First, they did not flinch from blunt language in describing the wreckage of the inner city, unafraid of the accusations of racism and victim blaming that came their way. Second, they pointed at the welfare policies of the 1960s, not racism or a lack of jobs or the legacy of slavery, as the cause of inner-city dysfunction, and in so doing they made the welfare mother the public symbol of the ghetto’s ills. (Murray in particular argued that welfare money provided a disincentive for marriage, and, while his theory may have overstated the role of economics, it’s worth noting that he was probably the first to grasp that the country was turning into a nation of separate and unequal families.) And third, they believed that the poor would have to change their behavior instead of waiting for Washington to end poverty, as liberals seemed to be saying."

"I'm sure you could use a break to do a little fence-mending." - I really don't give two hoots what you think of me. So if you think I'm a racist homophobe KKK Nazi Hitler fascist, I am fine with that. This is exactly the kind of PC shaming used by closed-minded leftists to shut down a debate. At some point in your life son, you need to get the courage to seek the truth.

Also, many evolutionary psychologists define barbarianism as possessing dark triad tendencies - so you actually have a problem with evolutionary science :)

At this point, you're too close minded to see the ugly side of human nature.

"This does not support and is irrelevant to Murray's claim that blacks posted lower scores than whites on intelligence tests because of genetics." - IQ does differ across races. There is widespread agreement across scientists on this. There are several theories on why Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ - Professional selection theories come to mind. Several theories on why people from tropics have lower IQ - because cold weather naturally selects for higher IQ. You can look it up yourself if you're curious about the truth.

If the insane social experiment of the welfare state had been conducted on any race, dysgenics would naturally result - this is true. People have been saying this since the 1970s. Shockley said it first, and he was a noble prize winner.

Google is your friend if you're the least bit curious.

Aren't you even the least bit curious about the evolution of the homo sapiens species? To me, anthropology has been a fascinating subject.

Why do Kenyans and Ghanians dominate in marathon races? There is a very intriguing theory on that. You can look it up if you're curious.

Why do Tamil Brahmins from India dominate in the spelling bees? Because their ancestors had to memorize the scriptures to be included in their community.

Why do Indians have the world's smallest penises? Possibly because they are the longest existing monogamous culture in the world and monogamy removes the selection pressures on penis sizes.

Why do black babies typically cry the least and Chinese babies cry the most? You can look it up if you like.

Do you know that even language constructs could be selected for? For instance, a person with Indo-European genes could be better suited to speak Indo-European languages than Chinese/ Japanese languages. And vice-versa. The theory of biological origins of language constructs is utterly fascinating.

There is a world of information out there on anthropology that you're missing out on because of your adherence to blank slate  equalism. Equalism has been disproved many times - You can read Steven Pinker's books discrediting the blank slate

There are many blogs/ forums discussing these topics, among others.

Lion of the blogosphere, hbdchick, Jaymans, Steve Sailor, West Hunter, Human Biological Diversity, Gene expression, evo and proud.

My blog - humancivilizations.wordpress.com also deals with some of these topics (although it's not my main focus)

“I have read his original book and use that to form my opinions”.

If you referenced Murray’s work as being his opinion and not some evolutionary truism then it would be more open to “civilised” debate. However today what you are politely calling your opinions were what you dogmatically asserted as the “truth” yesterday.

Would you agree that a male who plays the knock out game can be called a barbarian? Would you also agree that a female who becomes attracted to such a male can also be called a barbarian?

Why do black teen thugs from the ghetto engage in the knockout game? So that they can become popular - and GET LAID.

What happens to a black who pursuits academic excellence? He is shunned as 'acting white' and he doesn't get laid.

In many ways, sex is the key driving force of male behavior - particularly in teenage youth phase. And a culture in which females reward barbaric behavior with sex can certainly be characterised as a barbaric culture.

Why do Asian/ Jewish/ Indians go for academic pursuits? Because a Jewish doctor is highly sought after by Jewish women for marriage. A successful Indian IT professional can get a beautiful bride.

Channeling sexuality is a key component to determining whether a culture is civilized or barbaric.


Family losses due to deaths. This set off questions concerning religion,authority, and logic.

Early interests in sciences and philosophy. Explorations into rockets, chemistry(synthesis & extractions), optics, microbiology, fossil collecting, botany, and environment.

My explorations were both 'fun' and 'enlightening'.

School, was sometimes 'fun', but mostly 'work'. I disliked school because I felt 'confined'. I like much more freedom in my interests, and would take classes as a way pursue my interests more deeply.

Due to racist comments and stereotyping this post is suspended. In future any such commentary will result in immediate account closure.


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