Do you support it? Why or why not?

I support it as long as it involves consenting adults only, (it could be same sex or a mixture of male and females). I really don't see what the big deal is, if people can have an open relationship they should be able to have an open marriage. I wouldn't have one of these marriages myself but I do support the choice of others to have this if they want it.

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Everyone should have the right to commit, in any form they choose, to any other consenting adult(s). No one should be able to define marriage for other people or put restrictions on it. The commitment of marriage means something different to everyone.

I'm okay with it if that's what works for some people, it just doesn't work for me. But ONLY if ALL the adults in the situation really do want it. Meaning, if there is a relationship with three people, and two of them are men and one of them is a woman, for example, that the men should love EACH OTHER as well as the woman in the trio. Not just two men who love one woman. I believe the affection should be equal over all three.

I know of a situation in which this is not at all the case. I was once friends with a woman who married a very sweet and devoted man. He did everything for her. Anything she needed or wanted, he was ready to go. But she just couldn't be happy with him alone. She insisted on bringing another man into the situation. I witnessed many times his reluctance to accept this. He didn't want to share his wife with someone else. He wanted it to be him and her together, loving each other. Not him and her and another guy. She pestered him and nagged him about it for ages. Eventually, she got "depressed" because she couldn't have a boyfriend along with having a husband. Because the poor man loved her so much, he caved in and said he'd allow it, because he hated to see her so unhappy and unsatisfied. She then brought the other man into the situation, but her husband doesn't love this man at all, and I doubt the other man cares anything about him. I saw the absolute look of heartbreak on his face when she kissed her "boyfriend" for the first time. I couldn't stand to watch it anymore, so I had to leave. I felt so horrible for that poor guy... I think that he's finally gotten to a point he can't take it anymore. I've noticed he's been showing up at events and places without her. That was never, ever the case before she got together with her boyfriend. And she makes it no secret which one she prefers, either.

So, yeah. If they all do truly care for each other and it's all honestly mutual, I see nothing wrong with it. But I'm wondering how many cases of polygamy are more like the situation with my former friend...

What about some simple math?   If a man marries 4 wives, he gets 400% available female benefits, while every wife gets 25% of a man.   400% divided by 25% means the man gets 16 times more than each of the women.   Is a man really 16 times more valuable than a woman????  

To make things worse, after consummating sex a man needs a couple hours to recuperate, whereas women seem to be able to orgasm all day long if they want to, which may explain the fact that so many more women than men are bisexual. They can fool around with each other for as long as they like, whereas with a man they generally see him roll over and take a nap after sex.


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