I am referring to a website called "First Church of Atheism".

They are apparently recruiting atheist ministers online. The purpose of this they say is to have non-religious ministers offer services such as weddings and funerals etc without the religious references.

Even so I still don't see the point of an atheist church? Sure if you want to have non-religious state ministers, thats fine. But do we really need a church? Does that not send out mixed messages to what atheism is? I'm very irritated too by the fact that this site keeps referring to atheism as a belief. 

What are your thoughts?

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I agree, they seem to have missed the point of atheism.  Call it something else, but church is the wrong name.  

Hmmm, I'm at 6's and 7's on this. On the one hand it's complete bullshit, an oxymoron, a fallacy etc etc...but on the other hand, one of religions greatest strengths and pretty much the sole reason for its longevity is its institutions. Its infrastructure and in a weird way, the unity of its clergy (and I mean unity in a very loose sense) are also major factors...but without the institutions, religions die.
This is something that the atheist community has always lacked by its very nature. Maybe it is time that atheism and atheists became manifest in an organisational entity, maybe that will turn out to be the best weapon in "the war on religion" (and again, I use this term very loosely).

Thesaurus.com gives some nice alternatives to the word Church:
basilica, bethel, chancel, chantry, fold, mission, oratory, sacellum, sanctuary, tabernacle being the most neutral of the terms on offer. Maybe the Tabernacle of Atheism might be better!!!

The last thing we need is to give the religious another excuse to claim that atheism is a religion.

I think you're confusing "Minister" with "Ministry," A trip to Wikipedia came up with many kinds of Ministers, there's an Agriculture minister, a Business minister, a Commerce minister, a Communication minister, a Culture minister, a Defense minister, an Education minister, an Energy minister etc. etc.  So "atheist minister" doesn't mean they're attached to a religious organization (unless they've changed the meaning of the word "church".)  Actually religion has nothing to do with a legal marriage, you'll still need a marriage license. A marriage minister could be a judge or a ships captain, the church represents a type of marriage ceremony, not the legalities of a civil union. Their use of the word "church" makes it a little suspicious to me.

Hi everyone.

I’m somewhat perplexed about this.

I agree with Carl, that Atheism needs a recognised institution of some sort or another even if it’s just a means to an end, but we need to be very careful with this. We should be very wary that atheism follows the same 'historic" path theism has followed, in that; organised theism is institutionalised by its very nature. Atheism is non-conformity to the institution of religion. So how could we possibly pigeon hole Atheists into this type of group?

Now, I had a look at this web page for "The Church of Atheism": (Consider me Ordained :P)

The first thing I noticed was the "add to card link", then donations section. There is nothing too untoward about this so far. I mean THINKATHEIST has the same thing. Then there is a link where you can become ordained "For Free". Problem!  One thing I have learned in life that nothing is for free. When I see the words (on any internet web page) "for free", I start looking for smelly cyber rats.

If this web page is genuine (and don’t think it is) then perhaps the creators of it are a little misguided or at least a little delusional or just short of cash? Big whoop! 5577 ordained ministers, so what!?

Na, I think this has a more sinister agenda. Call me paranoid but this smells like cyber rats at work.

If I were to get married I would certainly NOT use an ordained atheist to perform the ceremony. I would ask a close friend or a relative to facilitate. Not some so called "ordained" minister who clicked on a web link once upon a time.

Oh! And P.S. - If this "church" does ever become a reality, I would like services to be held on Monday's. I could use a shorter work week. :)



i agree with you... the best thing in atheism is that 
we don't need a church, so i can't see the point too.

I think having a church and ministers just feeds in to the concept some have of Atheism being a religion.. I can hear it now.."If Atheism isn't a religion why do they have a church..?"..

That's just ridiculous.

There is no point, and it makes it so much easier for people to insist that atheism is a religon or belief system.

this is oddly reminiscent of the jedi's sitting around discussing the dark side etc etc.. anyways...I agree that having the word "church" anywhere near the word "atheism" is fruit hanging far to low for the sheep to nibble on.  I actually think this is a grave threat to our cause if we really have one.  In the same breathe, we do need some kind of unifying body, but how to do that minus the seemingly innevitable human corruption that takes over at some point.  Kinda like how the occupy movement tried to stay away from a centralized power structure or a figurehead.  I would say science, or the truth, or evidence should be the president of the board as it were.  Regaurdless what we do,  as soon as it got big enough to gain momentum then it'd be hellfire and brimstone war on religion blah blah blah just like with this contraception bullshit.  In effect, driving them harder to their religion like a 16 yr girl dating they guy daddy doesn't like.  Nope we need to be covert.  Starting with discovering life on another planet would be SUCH a good place to start.  But um yeah maybe we need to get the operators of this site to send them guys a letter from us explaining our postition and that we need to discuss how to mold their image to better serve the general atheist message. 

I was curious - it was complicated, to me :) trying to get into the web page - they say there are two people running this site - it would be a good place to buy Atheist stuff, but the format would put any Atheist right off buying anything.

The site is deceitful, just from that point of view, it is BS. It is just a site selling Atheists stuff, and overpriced at that.

Calling it a Church and having Reverends - when so many Atheists think it is codswallop, just stupid and downright bad business - I wonder who thought it was a good business idea. When one becomes a Reverend, you then have to buy the list of Reverends. They say the marriage with a reverend is binding - BS.

Good idea, Jimmy, I like the idea of loads of Atheist stuff being bought to spread the word etc., but this site would be putting Atheists off in their droves. These people just haven't thought about it enough. I bought a lot of things from a site in America, evolution fish, Darwin pin etc. it looks like they have the same supplier.

This site needs to be told, it is not working.

I'm sure somewhere someone expects to be paid at some point. Per usual...anything that get's overly organized has that tendency. Why call it a "Church?" Why perform weddings and funerals? These things have their origins in religious dogma. WTF??? You wanna get married??? There are civil ceremonies. Want a funeral??? Have a few drinks next to the grave and play the departed's favorite songs. People must stop joining things just to belong. Trust science and common sense. Our "Church" is our knowing smile and understanding nods. 


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