Now that you are atheist or have been atheist your whole life. What is the most interesting thing you know about in our natural world?

I will chime in when this post gets rolling. 

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And no physical laws, either.

During my environmental consulting days Winter through Summer 2002, I dug thousands of holes into farm land soils to count bugs. Over the course of six months I finally woke up to the realization that just about every hole dug had different counts, some wildly different from holes just a few feet away. While in the middle of a field approx. 1 square mile in size, I looked up and saw that the field had been tilled recently and there were areas of very different moisture content, standing water, etc. The soil of the whole planet could be very much like this, with hidden variables driving bug populations and relationships. The presence of micro-nitches should be everywhere with adaptive stressors both via predation/cooperation and chemical/physical. It was like  was walking on a surface that was truely higher deminsional and deeply real. 

My difficult 6 months, in freezing rain to blistering heat and high humidity, was worth it to get this vast insight that I found humbling.


You reminded me of an astounding fact: no matter how dig a hole we have dug and how harsh the environment down there, we have found microbial life. If we fuck up the surface of the planet, life will slowly evolve its way back toward the surface and repopulate the planet with something.

The Rabies virus is very nearly the closest thing to a zombie virus in the world. If one idiotic corporation or government were to weaponize it, it could destroy the world as we know it.

Here's an idea: mix in some DNA from the cold virus. Do you realize that no matter how sick you may feel with a cold, you don't get a fever? It's because the cold virus can trick your immune system into not seeing it. 

The Unseen-Hexx virus - ending a world near you.

(Sorry, H3xx, it sounds cooler this way.)

New Orleans would freak the fuck out. But, no the Rabies virus increases aggression and can cause delusion. Making it drug resistant, increase it's maturation rate, and creating a waterborne delivery system could kill an entire country in a matter of days.

Every episode of Family Guy cost roughly one million dollars and takes nine to twelve months to complete.

Do you mean man-months, because if I take "takes nine to twelve months to complete," you'd only have one episode to view every nine to twelve months!

Ha, yeah, from pre to post production it's takes nine to twelve months but they're also working on the rest of the season, hoozah for Korean's and their animation studios!


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