Now that you are atheist or have been atheist your whole life. What is the most interesting thing you know about in our natural world?

I will chime in when this post gets rolling. 

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What? You can do better than that.


Mahler 8th Symphony ending. Music BTW is absolutely enough to make anyone feel complete inside withou any religious crap.

oh forgot to mention, actually I see a tie between Mahler 8th and Stravinsky's  Firebird end . *That* is religious debate ;-)

that's correct, you see everyday this kind of misinterpretation of what atheists say. Here in Brazil we use to make a quick joke, "I'm atheist, thanks God !" , they just dont get it ...

That's like saying Beethoven invented jazz because he uses 7th chords extensively in his 18th sonata...

my apologies, my first reply was wrong, I thought this thread was to indicate what would be the most *amazing*... bad english speaker...LOL.. 

Definetly the most interesting thing I heard of is the string theory.. I am not a fisician but the beauty of that theory touched me...

Dreams can come true.

Thanks Kir, but so do nightmares. But she asked for what I thought was the most interesting, not the most frightening lol.

Method Acting.

It's the name given to what Stanislavsky brought to the west from the Moscow Art Theatre. It changed representational behavior to presentational behavior of characters. Today it's thought of as "moment to moment" acting. But the technique, I feel, is being lost.

One of the earlier things that helped convince me and to this day amazes me, is the way theist say we have no transitional fossils. We try to argue with them but we miss a very good chance by doing so. Why fossils? One thing I learned, Did you know the manatee has three toenails on their front flippers? Did you know the Baleen whale has hip bones?

 This is a more solid argument to me because they can claim fossils are planted or faked but you can't make that claim about something you can observe today. To me, this has amazing implications.


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